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Adjustable Depth Armored Thermocouples


Adjustable Depth Armored Thermocouples | ADR and ADF

Adjustable Depth Armored Thermocouples

£25.00 ADR-E-G-1-24-1

  • Locking Fitting Freely Adjustable Over Flexible Armor
  • Spring-Action Catch Holds Probe Firmly in Place
  • TYPE ADF Fixed Locking Cap Becomes a Permanent Part of Your Installation
  • TYPE ADR Removable Locking Cap Bayonet Fitting Connects with a Twist
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This unique thermocouple is easy to adjust to ANY immersion depth into thermowells (but NOTE: this probe cannot be immersed in liquids). Adjustable depth eliminates the need to stock a variety of fixed depth immersion probes. The locking cap can be positioned anywhere along the flexible armor and obtains its locking force from a unique spring- action catch. The welded stainless steel tipped probe is held against the bottom of the well by compression of the armor.

Two styles are available. Style ADF has a unique locking fitting that mounts permanently to your equipment. The quick release action of the locking fitting allows fast installation and removal of the probe.

Style ADR has a removable locking fitting and requires a BTA adapter. This style is ideal for installations where the mounting surface is under a layer of insulation, or where the locking cap must be removable.

Detailed Dimensions for ADR, ADF, and Termination Styles

Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
ADR-E-G-1-24-1 Star
Availability: 4 weeks
Removable Locking Cap Probe, Type E, grounded junction, A dimension 1", B dimension 24", Spade Lugs Termination
ADR-J-G-1/2-30-2 Star
Availability: 3 weeks
Removable Locking Cap Probe, Type J, grounded junction, A dimension 1/2", B dimension 30", Male Quick Disconnect Termination
ADR-K-U-2-48-1 Star
Availability: 3 weeks
Removable Locking Cap Probe, Type K, ungrounded junction, A dimension 2", B dimension 48", Spade Lugs Termination
ADF-T-U-2-48-3 Star
Consult Sales  
Removable Locking Cap Probe, Type T, ungrounded junction, A dimension 2", B dimension 48", Female Quick Disconnect Termination
Availability: 3 weeks
Locking Fitting
Availability: In Stock
Locking Fitting

Order By Part Number

Part Number
Part Number

All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Click here for help in selecting the thermocouple junction.

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Style select from:
ADR for style ADR
ADF for style ADF

(2) Calibration select from:
J for J type
K for K type
T for T type
E for E type

(3) Junction(see notes section above help selecting the junction) select from:
G for Grounded
U for Ungrounded

(4) A dimension select from:
1/2 for 1/2 in.
1 for 1 in.
2 for 2 in.
3 for 3 in.

(5) B dimension select from:
24 for 24 in.
30 for 30 in.
36 for 36 in.
48 for 48 in.

(6) Termination Styles select from:
1 for Spade Lugs
2 for Male Quick Disconnect Type OST
3 for Femail Quick Disconnect Type OST
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.