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Handheld Calibrator Multi-Functional


Handheld Calibrator Multi-Functional | CA150

Handheld Calibrator Multi-Functional

£1,845.00 CA150

CE OmegaCare
  • Highly Accurate Handheld calibrator Within 0.02% of the DC Voltage Range for Source and Measure
  • Source and Measurement can be Performed Simultaneously
  • Vertical Body with Large Screen Display
  • Loop Power Supply
  • Sink Function
  • 3 Sweep Function Outputs (Step Sweep, Linear Sweep, Program Sweep)
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Vertical Handheld Calibrator

Easy-to-hold vertical body is designed to make it intuitively easy to operate, as individual functions are accessed directly by pressing assigned keys. The main body case (sold separately) is designed to make it easy to hold the CA150 in one hand.

Simultaneous Source and Measurement for Process Devices

In conventional calibration applications, multiple devices such as a standard generator, dial resistor and multimeter were required. Now with a single CA150 unit, it is possible to perform operation check at regular inspection and maintenance of thermocouples, RTDs and instruments, as well as maintenance and equipment diagnosis of process devices such as transmitters, thermostats and signal converters.

Loop Power Supply Function

It is possible to measure generated current signals while supplying loop power 24 Vdc from a two-wire type transmitter (up to 22 mA DC).

Highly Accurate and Multi-Functional Source and Measurement

High Accuracy: 0.02% for the source unit and 0.02% for the measurement unit Source and Measurement Functions: DCV voltage, DC mA, ohm, Frequency and temperature (thermocouple, RTD) and 24 Vdc power supply function for transmitters

Memory Functions: Setting Memory

This function saves/loads setting conditions. Up to 21 data items can be stored. Settings for (source/ measurement) functions, ranges, generated values/measured values as well as setting mode conditions can be stored.

Data Memory

This function saves source and measure values displayed. Up to 100 data items can be stored. Storage date/time, (source/ measurement) functions, ranges and generated values/measured values can be stored. Stored data can be checked on the display of the main unit as well as via communication.
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Part Number/ Desc.
CA150 Star
Availability: 1 week
Handheld calibrator
CA150-NIST Star
Availability: 10 weeks
Calibrator with 3-point calibration
CA150-AC-ADAP Star
Availability: 10 weeks
Power cord ul/csa for CA150
Consult Sales  
Accessory case for CA150
Availability: 9 weeks
Carrying case for CA150
Consult Sales  
Ferrite core for CA150
Availability: 1 week
Fuse set CA150 set of 10 fuses
Availability: 10 weeks
Measurement lead cables for CA150
Availability: 10 weeks
NiMH battery for CA150
CA150-RJ-SENS Star
Availability: 10 weeks
Reference junction sensor for CA150
Availability: 10 weeks
Lead cable for generation
Consult Sales  
Main body case for CA150
Availability: 10 weeks
Terminal adaptor for CA150
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Note: Comes with complete instruction manual, 6 “AA” batteries, carrying case, leads and terminal adaptor. (Temperature display default is °C, may be changed to °F - see page 12-1 of manual.)