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3-1/2 Digit (Pt100) RTD Meters, 1/8 DIN

DP302-M, -R

3-1/2 Digit (Pt100) RTD Meters, 1/8 DIN | DP302-M, -R

3-1/2 Digit (Pt100) RTD Meters, 1/8 DIN

  • Platinum 100 O RTD Input
  • 1 mA Excitation Current
  • 2-, 3- or 4-Wire Connection
  • -200 to 820°C in 1°C Steps (-M)
  • -199.9 to 199.9°C in 0.1°C Steps (-R)
  • °C or °F, Jumper-Selectable
  • Platinum Curve Linearization
  • 120 dB CMR, 70 dB NMR
  • 1 or 10 mV/deg Linearized Recorder Output
  • Bright, 14 mm (0.56") LED Display
  • Display Hold and Test
  • 115/230 Vac Power
  • EMI/RFI Filter for AC Power
  • Screw-Terminal Barrier Strip
  • Short 104 mm (4.1") Deep ¹/8 DIN Case Options
  • Isolated 9 to 32 Vdc Power or 26 to 56 Vdc Power
  • NEMA 4 (IP65) Splash-Proof Lens Cover
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The DP302-M and -R are low-cost 3-1/2 digit (±1999 count) temperature indicators for use with platinum 100 O RTD’s with alpha of 0.00385. They are complete with 1 mA sensor excitation, sensor-break detection, and platinum curve linearization. Resolution is 1° (-M) or 0.1° (-R). Readout can be in °C or °F, as selected by push-on jumpers. The electrical connection can be by 2-, 3-, or 4-wires. High accuracy is provided by positive current feedback and matched, graded components.

Mechanical features include a bright 14 mm (0.56") display, a screw-terminal barrier strip for signal and power, and a compact 1/8 DIN case that requires less than 104 mm (4.1") behind the panel. Electrical features include jumper selection of °C or °F, a linearized recorder output of 1 or 10 mV per degree, and 1 mA current excitation. The current source is tied to the reference of the A/D converter for true ratiometric operation and immunity to changes in line voltage.

Options are isolated 9 to 32 Vdc or 26 to 56 Vdc power, a PCB edge connector for display control and output of 4.7 Vdc and -4.7 Vdc power, and a splash-proof lens cover which meets NEMA 4 (IP65) requirements.

RTD Type: 100-platinum with alpha of 0.00385
Calibration: IEC 751 (IPTS-68)
Configuration: 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection
Polarity: Bipolar
Zero: Adjustable ±20°C (±36°F)
Zero Tempco: ±0.05 degree/degree (-M), ±0.01 degree/ degree (-R) Sensor-Wire Resistance Tempco Effect Per Conductor:
2-Wire: 20 mdeg/Ω/deg, up to 3.8 Ω
3-Wire: 50 µdeg/Ω/deg, up to 100 Ω
4-Wire: 5.0 µdeg/Ω/deg, up to 100 Ω
Sensor-Excitation Current: 1 mA
Sensor-Break Indication: Meter displays overrange
Overvoltage Protection: 25 Vp
Noise Rejection
NMR, SIG HI to SIG LO: 70 dB, 50/60 Hz
CMR, ANA GND to POWER GND: 120 dB DC to 60 Hz
CMV, ANA GND to ANA GND: 1500 Vp per HV test, 354 Vp per IEC spacing
Accuracy at 25°C
Span Tempco: ±0.005% R/°C on all models plus ±0.05°C/°C for -RC from -200 to 130° C
Celsius/Fahrenheit: Jumperselectable
Full-Scale Step Response: 1 s
Warmup to Rated Accuracy: 10 min
Analog Output (Linearized)
Voltage: 1 mV/deg (-M); 10 mV/deg (-R)
Calibration Error: Same as given under accuracy
Current: 1 mA maximum
Source Resistance: 68 Ω
Analog-to-Digital Conversion
Technique: Dual-slope, average value
Signal Integration Period: 100 ms
Read Rate: 2.5/s
Type: 7-segment, red LED
Height: 14.2 mm (0.56")
Symbols: -
Decimal Points: XXXX (-M); XXX. X (-R)
Overrange Indication: Three leastsignificant digits blank
Digital Inputs
Level: TTL or 5V CMOS compatible
AC Voltages: 115 or 230 Vac, ±15%
AC Frequency: 49 to 440 Hz
DC Voltages: 9 to 32 Vdc, isolated to 300 Vp; 26 to 56 Vdc, isolated to 300 Vp
Power Consumption: 3.7 W
Output voltages: 4.7 Vdc and -4.7 Vdc ±5%, 10 mA max
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Relative Humidity: 95% at 40°C (non-condensing)
Bezel: 96 W x 48 H x 5.1 mm D (3.78 x 1.89 x 0.20")
Depth Behind Bezel: 104 mm (4.09")
Panel Cutout: 92 W x 45 mm H (3.62 x 1.77")
Weight: 15 oz (425 g)
Case Material: 94V-0 UL-rated polycarbonate
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Part Number/ Desc.
DP302-MC Star
Availability: 2 weeks
3-1/2 digit (Pt100) RTD meters, 1° resolution °C, -200 to 820°C
DP302-MF Star
Availability: 2 weeks
3-1/2 digit (Pt100) RTD meters, 1° resolution °F, -328 to 1508°F
DP302-RC Star
Availability: 2 weeks
3-1/2 digit (Pt100) RTD meters, 0.1° resolution °C, -199.9 to 199.9°C
DP302-RF Star
Availability: 1 week
3-1/2 digit (Pt100) RTD meters, 0.1° resolution °F, -199.9 to 199.9°F
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Option Descriptions:

(1) Model select from:
DP302 for 3-1/2 digit (Pt100) RTD meters

(2) Input Range select from:
-MC for 1° resolution °C -200 to 820°C
-MF for 1° resolution °F -328 to 1508°F
-RC for 0.1° resolution °C -199.9 to 199.9°C
-RF for 0.1° resolution °F -199.9 to 199.9°F

(3) Power options select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for 115 Vac 50/60 Hz power
-C1 for 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
-C3C for Isolated 9 to 32 Vdc
-C3E for Isolated 26 to 56 Vdc

(4) Add-On Option select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for red LED display
-G for Green LED display
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.