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LCJA Series

Shear Beam Load Cell | LCJA Series

Shear Beam Load Cell

£249.00 LCJA-500

  • IP67 Environmental Rating
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Calibration Certificate Supplied
  • 0.25% Interchangeable
  • Exact Full Scale Output Stated for Easy Equipment Setup and System Calibration
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Omega's LCJA series shear beam load cells have a number of advantages compared to lower cost bending beam types. These are:

  1. High side load rejection, 500:1
  2. Lower creep
  3. Faster return to zero after load removal
  4. Higher tolerance of dynamic forces and vibrations
  5. Improved sealing and environmental protection
Rated Output: 3 mV/V ±0.0075 mV/V (actual output supplied with each load cell)
Excitation: 10 Vdc (15 Vdc maximum)
Accuracy: ±0.037% Full Scale
Linearity: ±0.03% FS
Hysteresis: ±0.02% FS
Repeatability: ±0.01% FS
Zero Balance: ±1% FS
Creep In 20 min: ±0.03% FS
Operating Temperature: -18 to 66°C
Compensated Temperature: -18 to 66°C
Thermal effects:
   Zero: 0.0027% FS/°C
   Span: 0.0014% RDG/°C
Maximum Load: 200% FS
Side Load Rejection: 500:1
Bridge Resistance: 350 Ohms nominal
Full Scale Deflection: 0.38 to 0.64 mm
Construction: Nickel Plated Steel
Cable: 6 metres of 4 core sreened; 0.33 mm² csa conductors

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Part Number/ Desc.
LCJA-500 Star
Availability: In Stock
Shear beam load cell, 0-500 lb (0-227 kgf) capacity
LCJA-1K Star
Availability: 2 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-1,000 lb (0-455 kgf) capacity
LCJA-2K Star
Availability: 14 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-2,000 lb (0-909 kgf) capacity
LCJA-2.5K Star
Availability: 3 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-2,500 lb (0-1134 kgf) capacity
LCJA-4K Star
Availability: 14 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-4,000 lb (0-1814 kgf) capacity
LCJA-5K Star
Availability: 14 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-5,000 lb (0-2,269 kgf) capacity
LCJA-10K Star
Availability: 1 week
Shear beam load cell, 0-10,000 lb (0-4,537 kgf) capacity
LCJA-15K Star
Availability: 14 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-15,000 lb (0-6,806 kgf) capacity
LCJA-20K Star
Availability: 14 weeks
Shear beam load cell, 0-20,000 lb ( 0-9,074 kgf) capacity
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Ordering Example: (1) LCJA-500 0-500 lb heavy duty shear beam load cell, £249.00