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OPC Server Software License

OPC Server

OPC Server Software License | OPC Server

OPC Server Software License


  • Easily Integrates OMEGA® iSeriesTM Meters, Controllers and Signal Conditioners Into Any OPC Compliant Software.
  • Compatible With OMEGA's EIS Family of Serial Servers. Use the Combination to Integrate Virtually Any Serial Device Into An OPC Compliant Software Through an Ethernet Connection.
  • Communicates Through a Standard Serial Port or Across an Ethernet Connection.
  • Free Downloadable Version Runs Unrestricted For Two Hours.
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What is an OPC Server
OPC Servers are hardware drivers that are written to a common standard, OPC or "OLE for Process Control". OPC compliant programs (OPC Clients) for HMI, SCADA, DAS, etc. are available from OMEGA, Wonderware, Iconics, Intellution, Rockwell Automation, and National Instruments, among others.

Hardware Support
The OMEGA® OPC Server supports a wide variety of hardware including OMEGA's iSeriesTM meters, controllers and signal conditioners. Because the Server is designed to work directly with these products, setup is simple, typically taking only a few minutes. The OPC Server also supports OMEGA's EIS family of Serial Servers. With a Serial Server you can connect virtually any serial device or instrument to a computer through an Ethernet connection.

Trial Version Available
A copy of the OPC Server can be downloaded from the "Related Links" section shown at the bottom of this page. An unlimited runtime version of the OPC Server Software requires purchase of a license and entry of a unique License Activation Code. Without this code, the free OPC Server program will time-out after two (2) hours. These two-hour sessions can be repeated as often as necessary to evaluate the software at no charge.

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