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Smart Infrared Temperature Transmitter with miniature sensing head

OS35RS Series

Smart Infrared Temperature Transmitter with miniature sensing head | OS35RS Series

£198.00 OS35RS-100C-MA-24V

  • Non-Contact Temperature Measurement, That’s Plug and Play
  • No Impedance, Leakage Current, or Linearity Problems to Worry About
  • Sensor Head is Remote and without Air Purge can be Used in Ambient Temperatures to 100°C and with Small Sized Air Purge Jacket can be Cooled to 175°C
  • The Sensor Heads are the Smallest Sized in the Market (0.25" Diameter)
  • Precision with Changes in Sensor Head Ambient
  • All Digital System
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The smallest sized IR temperature sensor in the world now has brains. By combining the OS36-SM sensor head with the OS35 platform, precision in small places is now a reality. The OS35 processes the signal from the microIRt/c, linearises, and gives an analogue output (4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V). Accuracy (+/11°C or 1% rdg at e0.9) holds with changes in ambient from -45 to 100 °C, with no drifting. Four sensor heads with 1:2 and 4:1 optics, straight and side view mounting, built in air purge (cool to 120 °C), air purge jackets (cool to 175 °C), and mounting brackets are available.

Temperature Range Table (Table 1)
Temperature CodeTemperature Range
100ºC0 to 100ºC
250ºC0 to 250ºC
70ºC-30 to 70ºC
500ºC (*)0 to 500ºC
(*) This temperature range is only available with models of 4:1 FOV.

Output Options Table (Table 2)
Output SuffixOutput Type
MA 4 to 20 mA
V10 (**) 0 to 10V
V5 0 to 5V
RS2RS232 communications port
(**) This output range is only available with 24V power supply.

Power Supply Table (Table 3)
Power Supply SuffixPower
12V12 Vdc power supply
24V24 Vdc power supply

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Part Number/ Desc.
OS35RS-250C-MA-24V Star
Availability: 4 weeks
OS35RS-4-100C-MA-12V Star
Availability: 4 weeks
OS35RS-4-250C-V10-24V Star
Availability: 4 weeks
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CAL-3-IR Star
Availability: 4 weeks
Traceable calibration certificate with test results
LP-PS-1524 Star
Availability: 1 week
DIN rail mount 24Vdc power supply. 15W, 0.63 Amp, 25mm wide. Powered by 85 to 260 Vac, 47 to 63 Hz
Availability: In Stock
24V 0.75A regulated dc Power supply. 90-260 Vac 1.8 m lead with stripped ends. With International plugs
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual.
Ordering Example: (1) OS35RS-100C-MA-12V Smart-mircro IR transmitter with 0 to 100C range, 4 to 20mA output and 12Vdc powered., £198.00

Part Number Builder

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Option Descriptions:

(1) Smart-microIRt/c Transmitter select from:
OS35RS for Smart-microIRt/c Transmitter with 1 to 2 FOV
OS35RS-4 for Smart-microIRt/c Transmitter with 4 to 1 FOV
OS35RS-SV for Smart-microIRt/c Transmitter with 1 to 2 side view
OS35RS-4SV for Smart-microIRt/c Transmitter with 4 to 1 side view

(2) Temperature Range select from:
70C for -30 to +70°C
100C for 0 to 100°C
250C for 0 to 250°C
500C for 0 to 500°C (for 4 to 1 FOV models only)

(3) Output Type select from:
MA for 4-20 mA
V5 for 0-5 Vdc
V10 for 0-10 Vdc
RS2 for RS232 Comm's port

(4) Power supply voltage select from:
12V for 12 Vdc powered
24V for 24 Vdc powered
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.