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Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire


Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire | SPIR, SPCH,SPCI,SPAL,SPCP,SPOP,SPCC and SPON

Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire

£9.50 SPIR-005-50

  • Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire In Stock for Fast Delivery
  • Wire Diameters from 0.127mm (0.001") to 3.26 mm (.128")
  • 15, 30, 150, 300 Metre Reels
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Click on this link if you need more information about Thermocouple wire.

In order to meet the immediate needs of science and industry for highest quality thermocouple wire in practical quantities at reasonable prices, OMEGA makes available thermocouple materials in a variety of wire sizes. The wire is supplied uninsulated on plastic reels in continuous 15 m/50-foot lengths.

Sizes range from 0.0005 to 0.128" (0.012 to 3.264 mm) diameter. The wire is supplied as single legs or in matched pairs to meet standard limits of error. Other wire sizes and quantities are available on special request.

Examples of pricing for just a few models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below to get pricing for all available models.
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Part Number/ Desc.
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theSPCH-005-100
SPCH-005-100 Star
Availability: 3 weeks
RoHS compliant
0.005"/0.127mm, Chromel (CHROMEGA®), 30 m/100 ft reel
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theSPAL-005-100
SPAL-005-100 Star
Availability: In Stock
RoHS compliant
0.005"/0.127mm, Alumel (ALOMEGA®), 30 m/100 ft reel
SPIR-010-50 Star
Availability: 1 week
RoHS compliant
0.010"/0.25mm, Iron, 15 m/50 ft reel
SPCI-010-50 Star
Availability: 3 weeks
RoHS compliant
0.010"/0.25mm, Constantan, 15 m/50 ft reel
SPCP-020-500 Star
Availability: 2 weeks
RoHS compliant
0.020"/0.51mm, Copper, 150 m/500 ft reel
SPCC-020-500 Star
Availability: 2 weeks
RoHS compliant
0.020"/0.51mm, Constantan, 150 m/500 ft reel
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: *There are two forms of Constantan. Each form is composed of the same elements, but the percentages (%) of constituent elements differ. One is matched to Iron. The other can be matched to Copper or Chromel (CHROMEGA ®) . When ordering "matched pairs," be sure to specify SPCI with SPIR and SPCC with SPCP or SPCH

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Material select from:
IR for Iron
CI for Constantan*
CH for Chromel (CHROMEGA®)
AL for Alumel (ALOMEGA®)
CP for Copper
CC for Constantan®
OP for OMEGA-P® - Nicrosil 003 .005 .010 .020 .032 Only
ON for OMEGA-N ® - Nisil .003 .005 .010 .020 .032 Only

(2) Wire Diameter (Inch/mm.) select from:
001 for 0.001 Inch/0.025 mm
002 for 0.002 Inch/0.051 mm
003 for 0.003 Inch/0.076 mm
005 for 0.005 Inch/0.127 mm
010 for 0.010 Inch/0.254 mm
015 for 0.015 Inch/0.381 mm
020 for 0.020 Inch/0.51 mm
032 for 0.032 Inch/0.81 mm
064 for 0.064 Inch/1.63 mm
128 for 0.128 Inch/3.264 mm - Avail CH and AL only
0005 for 0.0005 Inch/ 0.0127 mm - Avail CH AL CC Only 15m/50 ft

(3) Reel Length select from:
50 for 50 ft/15 m
100 for 100 ft/30 m
500 for 500 ft/150 m
1000 for 1000 ft/300 m
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.