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DIN Rail Thermocouple Signal Transmitter


DIN rail mount Thermocouple transmitter, Type K/J/T | DRST-TC

DIN rail mount Thermocouple transmitter, Type K/J/T

£52.00 DRST-TC-K-MA

  • K, J, T Thermocouple Inputs
  • Plug and Play & Easy to use
  • Galvanically Isolated Design
  • DIN Rail Mounted for Industrial Application
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DRST-TC Series DIN Rail temperature transmitter converts the thermocouple signals to 4 ~ 20MA DC current signals by isolation. The input, output, and power supply are galvanically isolated from each other. We currently offer the K, J, T as the input types with more option coming soon. High accuracy, solid isolation design provide nice & clean signal. Simple to use and cost effective with price only $70 per unit. Perfect for Applications like Industrial Automation, Process control, and Automotive Assembly.


Supply Voltage: 18 ~ 60V DC (Recommended voltage: 24 V DC)
Input: Type K/J/T Thermocouple
Output: DC Current 4 ~ 20MA
Accuracy: Range < 300 Deg_C: ± 0.3 Deg_C; Range >= 300 Deg_C: ± 0.1% F.S
Cold Junction Compensation: ± 1 Deg_C (Preheated for 10~15 minutes)
Response Time: 0.5 Sec
Isolation: Galvanically Isolated
Dielectric strength: 1500 V AC ( Input /Output/Power supply)
Insulation resistance: 100 MO ( Input /Output/Power supply)

Ambient conditions:
Operation temperature:-20 Deg_C ~ +60 Deg_C
Relative humidity:10% RH ~ 90% RH(40 Deg_C)
Atmosphere pressure:80 kPa ~ 106 kPa
Storage temperature:-40 Deg_C ~ +80 Deg_C

Enclosure Material: Plastic & IP20
Dimension: 12.8 mm (W) × 110 mm (H) × 117 mm (D)
Power dissipation: 0.8 W (24 V DC, single output)
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DIN Rail T/C Signal Transmitter K Type 4-20MA
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DIN Rail T/C Signal Transmitter J Type 4-20MA
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DIN Rail T/C Signal Transmitter T Type 4-20MA
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