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Portable System for Groundwater Monitoring

LVLK600 Series

Portable System for Groundwater Monitoring | LVLK600 Series

Portable System for Groundwater Monitoring

  • Simple, Plug-In Operation
  • No Calibration Required
  • No Conduit Necessary
  • Ideal for Remote Areas
  • Third Party Tested
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The Model LVLK600 system combines an innovative observation well sensor (LVLK600) with a portable, hand-held monitor (LVHH6). The LVLK600 sensor meets EPA requirements for out of tank product detection by reacting to as little as 1 /32 " of floating hydrocarbon product on the water table. The LVHH6 hand-held monitor may be used with a 4" observation well. When necessary, it’s easy to check operational status with the portable LVHH6 monitor by simply plugging into the sensor’s quick disconnect receptacle. The LVHH6 monitor’s housing is constructed of rugged styrene for years of durable use, yet it is lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry. A set of color-coded LED’s notifies users of the sensor’s contact with groundwater, and alerts users to hydrocarbon contamination when present. These LED’s also provide power status (9V battery) and assurance that the system is functioning as designed. The LVLK600 system is ideal for observation wells up to 25' deep. A float-type liquid level switch detects a drop in the water table below the hydrocarbon sensor. In addition, a polymer strip is incorporated into the LVLK600 to also indicate the presence of hydrocarbons. The LVLK600 sensor responds to gasoline within ten minutes. Response time for hydrocarbons in the C5 to C16 range takes longer. For example, response time for diesel is up to one hour. (Heavier hydrocarbons can take several hours). A watertight cap prevents spilled fuel or other liquids from entering the well. The entire unit is easily removed for periodic sensor inspection. If the probe comes in contact with hydrocarbon, simply allow it to air out and reuse. These units are recommended for installation in non-contaminated sites only; they are not designed for remediation applications. To detect liquid hydrocarbons, the LVLK600 monitoring sensor incorporates an innovative polymer strip that continuously conducts electricity when voltage is applied. Extending longitudinally within the unit’s protective braiding, the polymer strip physically swells on contact with liquid hydrocarbons anywhere along its length. The swelling causes a dramatic increase in the electrical resistance of the polymer, which is detected by the LVHH6 portable monitor, causing an LED to light. When allowed to recover outside the well, the polymer strip reverts to its normal conductive state for reuse.
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10 ft Length, 1.75 lbs
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Handheld Monitor, 1.5 lb
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Note: The LVLK600 and LVHH6 come with a 9 V battery, 4 ft PVC jacketed cable with quick disconnect, and complete operator’s manual.
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