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OMEGA-FLO® 2-way High Pressure Solenoid Valves 1/2 " to 2 1/2 " NPT - Discontinued


 | SV-500

  • Ideal for Pressures to 700 PSI
  • For Gases or Liquids
  • Temperatures to 99°C (210°F)
  • 120 Vac Standard (dc Optional)


Find how a Solenoid valve works on this link.

The SV-500 Series of 2-way normally closed internally piloted piston solenoid valves have an epoxy-encapsulated coil. These valves feature a brass body, PFTE sealing material for main seat, FKM O-rings and core seals, and a temperature range of 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F). SV-500 Series valves are ideal for neutral media such as compressed air, hot air, water, and oxygen, and for use in breweries, fire prevention systems, water supply, and air conditioning installations. Electrical connection is by conduit plug.

Please download the PDF file below for full product specifications and available products.
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Part Number/ Desc.
SV-507 Star
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RoHS compliant
2 1/2"NPT Brass Body Normally Closed
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Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual.
* Note: Only the SV-501, SV-502, and SV-503 are UL and CSA approved. 1
The maximum pressure for the UL listed valves is 355 psi.