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Stepper Motor Drive


Stepper Motor Drive | 2035

Stepper Motor Drive

£103.00 2035

  • Wide Range of Motor Sizes
  • 70 W of Usable Power
  • Pulse Width Modulation Switching Amplifiers
  • DC Bus Voltage 12 to 35 Vdc Motor Supply (Including Ripple)
  • Phase Current from 0.125 to 2.0 A (Switch Selected, 16 Settings)
  • Step, Direction and Enable Inputs, Optically Isolated, 5 to 24V
  • Inputs Can be Sourcing (PNP) or Sinking (NPN) Type
  • Full and Half Step (Switch Selected)
  • Automatic 50% Idle Current Reduction (Switch Selected)
  • Compact Size: 38.1 x 67.2 x 101.6 mm (1.5 x 3 x 4")
  • CE Compliant
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Find how a Stepper motor works on this link.

The 2035 step motor driver is a step and direction drive with full or half-step capability. Phase current is selected from 0.125 to 2.0 A by a DIP switch. Full or half-step resolution is also switch selectable. This drive is compatible with PLCs which feature high-speed pulse output, such as our ELC-PLC series and OCS XL series.

Learn more about stepper motors and drives: Introduction to Stepper Motors and Drives

Click here for more info on the ELC series PLC: ELC-PLC Series

Click here for more info on the OCS XL series PLC: OCS XL Series

Power Supply (Required for Drive Operation): Recommended: OMPS150A24
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Part Number/ Desc.
2035 Star
Availability: 1 week
Stepper motor drive
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