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8-Channel Isolated Voltage-InputModules for OMB-LOGBOOK,OMB-DAQBOOK and DAQBOARD


8-Channel Isolated Voltage-InputModules for OMB-LOGBOOK,OMB-DAQBOOK and DAQBOARD | OMB-DBK50 and OMB-DBK51

£1,580.00 OMB-DBK50

CE OmegaCare
  • Offers Bipolar Input Ranges: OMB-DBK50
  • 10 V, 100 V, and 300 V Full Scale Input OMB-DBK51
  • 100 mV, 1 V, and 10 V Full Scale Input
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The OMB-DBK50 and the OMB-DBK51 are eight-channel, isolated voltage-input modules that allow OMEGA’s OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series and OMB-LOGBOOK data acquisition systems to isolate up to eight channels of analog input. Both the OMB-DBK50 and OMB-DBK51 modules offer 750 V isolation from channel-to-channel and 1250 V isolation from channel-to-system. Up to 32 modules can be connected to one OMEGA’s OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series or OMB-LOGBOOK data acquisition for up to 256 isolated input channels.

Isolated Signal Connections
Each channel features a disconnectable screw terminal block that provides access to the analog inputs.

The OMB-DBK50 and OMB-DBK51 include built-in DC/DC converters, allowing them to be operated from a variety of external power sources. The units can draw power from their included AC adaptors; the optional OMB-DBK30A rechargeable battery module; a car battery; or any +9 to +20 Vdc source.

Input Amplifier
The OMB-DBK50’s input amplifiers provide input ranges for 10 V, 100 V, and 300 V bipolar signals. The OMB-DBK51’s input amplifiers provide input ranges for 100 mV, 1 V, and 10 V bipolar signals. These ranges are software programmable, allowing you to change ranges without having to access internal range-set jumpers or switches. The input amplifiers also provide a zeroed input range, which allows you to incorporate auto-zero and temperature drift compensation in your data acquisition applications.

Bandwidth Filter
The OMB-DBK50 and OMB-DBK51 provide a selectable 3.5 Hz, low-pass filter on each channel. You can change the corner frequency by plugging in a different standard resistor network. In addition, you can bypass the low-pass filter entirely, for a bandwidth of 20 kHz.
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