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Benchtop Microprocessor-Based Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Meters - Discontinued


Benchtop Microprocessor-Based Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Meters | CDB-387

  • Measures 5 Conductivity Ranges, 4 TDS Ranges and 2 Resistivity Ranges
  • Autoranging for Maximum Resolution
  • Analog and Digital Outputs Standard
  • Standard RS-232 Output
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Discontinued, replaced by CDH-SD11.

The CDB-387 is a microprocessor-based, benchtop conductivity, resistivity and TDS meter. The unit has a large LCD display and membrane keypad for easy operation. The meter features automatic temperature compensation, programmable temperature coefficient, recorder output and bi-directional RS-232C output. The CDB-387 measures 5 conductivity ranges, 2 resistivity ranges and 4 TDS ranges. The CDB-387 will automatically select the most suitable range to provide maximum resolution. The CDB-387 operates off ac power or a 9 V battery. The 9 V battery serves as a back-up to retain calibration data, even in the event of a power failure, and allows for portable field measurements. The unit is supplied with a glass dip-style conductivity cell with an integral temperature sensor, K = 1.0, calibration solutions and 9V ac adaptor.
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Conductivity Probes
Availability: 11 weeks
Glass dip-style conductivity probe K=1.0 with ATC, platinum plates, 12 x 130 mm (0.5 x 5.1")
Availability: 9 weeks
Polymer dip-style probe, K= 1.0 with ATC platinum plates, 12 x 135 mm (0.5 x 5.3")
Availability: 9 weeks
Glass dip-style probe, K= 0.1 with ATC, platinum plates, 20 x 130 mm (0.8 x 5.1")
Availability: 6 weeks
Epoxy dip-style probe, K=10 with ATC, carbon plates, 26 x 353 mm (1.0 x 13.9")
Availability: 4 weeks
450 MicroSiemens Standard Solution
Availability: 4 weeks
1500 MicroSiemens Standard Solution
Availability: 3 weeks
4500 MicroSiemens Standard Solution
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Note: Includes meter, CDE-5001-GD1 glass dip probe, conductivity solution, power adaptor, battery and operator’s manual.
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