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Electronic Volumetric Flowmeters - Discontinued


 | FDP10

  • 0 to 5 Volt Output
  • Quick Response Time
  • Attitude Insensitive
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Volumetric Flow Measurement
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • No Long-Term Drift
  • External Access to Zero Adjustment


The FDP10 Series has been discontinued. Please see the FLR1000 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering Department.

In OMEGA’S FDP10 Series, the volume flow is evaluated via a unique, rugged, patent-pending flow passage. Differential pressure measurement across a laminar flow element makes this flowmeter inherently linear. The unique laminar flow element, along with a modern electronics sensor, produces an affordable yet accurate instrument. This method maximizes linearity over the full range of the flowmeter. Note: Unlike OMEGA’s FMA series mass flowmeters, the FDP series flowmeters measure volumetric, not mass flow. The FDP series will be affected by back pressure. The FDP10 Series electronic flowmeter is designed for use with most inert gases. The unit is supplied standard with a voltage output, but without an integral display. Optionally available are an integral digital display and/or RS-232 communications. All units can be tilted on either axis with little or no effect on flow rates. This standard high accuracy unit is supplied with an aluminum body flow block and 1 /4 " compression fittings. The upper case is molded of high impact polycarbonate. Air flows from 50 ccm to 5 LPM are available with 50:1 turndown. Output Voltage: 0 to 5 VdcDISCONTINUED
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Note: Note: Not for use with flammable gases.

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