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Electromagnetic Flowmeter With PVDF and 316L Construction

FMG90 Series

Electromagnetic Flow meter | FMG90 Series

Electromagnetic Flow meter

  • Electromagnetic Flow meter with No Moving Parts or Obstructions
  • Independent to Changes of Temperature, Pressure, Viscosity
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • PVDF and 316L Wetted Parts
  • Fast Response (<100 ms)
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More information about how a Magnetic Flow Meter works in this link.

OMEGA’s FMG90 Series electro-magnetic flow sensor for conductive liquid media was developed for OEM applications and does not contain any moving parts. FMG90 series is the most economic electromagnetic flowmeter due to the cost optimized plastic construction. Its design is compact and lightweight. Six flow ranges are available. Changes in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity of the medium do not affect the output signal. The sensor is intended for continuous measurement of flow rates or for dosing/batching of liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 µS/cm.

DN 3
DN 8
DN 8
DN 15
DN 20
DN 20
DN 25
Process Connection
G3/8 B male thread
G½ B male thread
G½ B male thread
G¾ B male thread
G1 B male thread
G1 B male thread
G1¼ B male thread
Inner Diameter
3 mm
8 mm
8 mm
14 mm
18 mm
18 mm
25 mm
Flow Range
0.1 to 2 l/min
0.25 to 5 l/min
1 to 20 l/min
2.5 to 50 l/min
5 to 100 l/min
10 to 200 l/min
12.5 to 250 l/min
Accuracy (Water at 23°C)
1 % of Reading
1 %
Signal Output with Accuracy of 5% starting from
0.05 l/min
0.1 l/min
0.25 l/min
1 l/min
2 l/min
4 l/min
5 l/min
Max. Flow Rate
2.5 l/min
6 l/min
25 l/min
60 l/min
120 l/min
240 l/min
300 l/min
Medium/ Min Conductivbity of Medium
Water & other conductive liquids / 20 µS/cm
Medium Temperature
-10 to +60 °C (non-freezing)
Ambient Temperature
5 to 60 °C
Max. Working Pressure
10 bar at 20 °C, 8 bar at 40 °C, 6 bar at 60 °C
Response Time
<100 ms
red LED = power, green LED = flow
Output Signals
Signal Shape
Square wave, can be connected as PNP or NPN open collector. Pulse duty ratio 50:50. Max. signal current 25 mA
Pulse Rate
10000 pulses/l
4000 pulses/l
1000 pulses/l
400 pulses/l
200 pulses/l
100 pulses/l
80 pulses/l
0.1 ml/pulse
0.25 ml/pulse
1 ml/pulse
2.5 ml/pulse
5 ml/pulse
10 ml/pulse
12.5 ml/pulse
Electical Data
Power Supply
24 VDC ±15 % or 12 VDC ±15 %
Power Consumption
0.6 W
Electrical Protection
Short-circuit proof and polarity protection
Electrical Connection
4-pin Plug connector M12 x 1
Protection Class
IP 65 (with attached cable socket)

    Electrodes and Grounding Rings: Stainless steel 316L
    Measuring Pipe and Process Connections: PVDF
    O-Rings: EPDM
    Housing: ABS

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Electromagnetic flow meter G3/8, 0.1 to 2 l/min
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Availability: 5 weeks
Electromagnetic flow meter G½, 0.25 to 5 l/min
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Electromagnetic flow meter G½, 1 to 20 l/min
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Availability: 6 weeks
Electromagnetic flow meter G¾, 2.5 to 50 l/min
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Electromagnetic flow meter G1, 5 to 100 l/min
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Electromagnetic flow meter G1, 10 to 200 l/min
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Electromagnetic flow meter G1¼, 12.5 to 250 l/min
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Availability: 1 week
M12 right angle connector with 5 m cable
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Availability: 1 week
M12 right angle connector with 10 m cable
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Availability: In Stock
DIN rail mount 24Vdc power supply. 15W, 0.63 Amp, 25mm wide. Powered by 85 to 260 Vac, 47 to 63 Hz
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Availability: 3 weeks
6 digit, 1/8 DIN panel meter for Rate or Total, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with dual relay outputs
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