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Positive Displacement Flow sensor for Corrosive Liquids


Flow Meter for Corrosive Liquids | FPD3100

Flow Meter for Corrosive Liquids


The FPD3100 Series positive displacement flowmeters are affordable and accurate. One primary feature is the ability to maintain consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions. The meter’s solid construction and excellent dynamic response are well suited to the measurement of many corrosives as well as other non-abrasive fluids. Since there is no need for straight run piping upstream or downstream of the flowmeter, the FPD3100 flowmeters are simple to use and to install. The meter has good resolution and high accuracy at low flow rates.

Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.03%
Fitting Type:
    NPT: Female
    BSP: “-BSP” option
Hall-Effect Sensor Power: 4.5 to 24 Vdc (7.5 mA)
Reed Sensor Power: 30 Vdc (500 mA)
Output Options:
    Pulse Output: Standard NPN
    4 to 20 mA Transmitter: “-D-A” option; no output on battery powered “-D” model
Display: 7-digit/12 mm (0.47") upper, 7-digit/7 mm (0.28") lower all “-D” options
    Rate: User defined
    Total: Resettable
    Accumulated-Total: Non-resettable FPD3105
Minimum Viscosity: 1cPs
Maximum Viscosity: 1000 cPs standard
Maximum Pressure: See chart on next page
Strainer Size: See ordering chart on next page
Mounting: Shafts must be in a horizontal plane
Electrical Connections: 2 x 12 mm (0.08 x 0.47"), fittings included “-D-A” option
Cable Length: 1 m (3') stripped ends, non-display models
Mounting: Pipe
Power: 4 to 20 mA, “-D-A” models 18 to 30 Vdc display, “-D” models 3 Vdc lithium battery (included)
Liquid Temperature: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F), -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F) for display models
    Body and Rotors: PPS
    Seals: FKM, FEP (FPD3105)
    Fasteners: Stainless steel
    Cable Insulation: PVC
    Shaft: Hastelloy C
Enclosure: NEMA 6 (IP67)
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: 1 week
Port Size 1⁄4", Flow Range: <5 cPs, 2 to 100 LPH (0.5 to 26 GPH), >5 cPs 0.5 to 100 LPH (0.13 to 26 GPH), Maximum Pressure psi (Kpa)75 (500)
Availability: 5 weeks
Port Size 1⁄4", Flow Range: <5 cPs 25 to 500 LPH (6.6 to 132 GPH), >5 cPs 15 to 500 LPH (4 to 132 GPH), Maximum Pressure psi (Kpa) 75 (500)
Availability: 5 weeks
Port Size 1⁄2", Flow Range: <5 cPs, 3 to 25 LPM (0.8 to 6.6 GPM), >5 cPs2 to 30 LPM (0.5 to 8 GPM), Maximum Pressure psi (Kpa) 150 (1000)
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes complete with lithium battery (-D) and operator’s manual. For units with a battery powered digital display add “-D” to the model number, for an additional charge. For units with a DC powered digital display and 4 to 20 mA output add “-D-A” to the model number, for an additional charge. For units with BSP connections add “-BSP” to the model number, no additional charge.

Product Manuals:

Download Oval Gear Flowmeters for use with Corrosive Chemicals
Download Digital Displays with Analog Output Options
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