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Turbine Flow Sensors

FTB370 Series

Brass Water Turbines | FTB370 Series

Brass Water Turbines

£381.39 FTB371-G

  • Compact Design
  • Wide Turn Down Ratio
  • High Quality Sapphire Bearing
  • Fixed Pulse Rate
  • IP54
  • Can be Mounted in Any Position
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More information about how a Flow meter works in this link.

The FTB370 Series flow turbines are designed for flow rate measurement of water and many water based liquids. They are compact in design and have a wide measuring range. The liquid flowing into the FTB370 series is divided by guiding blades into four split streams. The uniform loading of the bearings from four sides causes the forces to cancel themselves out and wear gets reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials also ensure an extraordinary life expectancy.

Model Number
2 to 40 l/min. (Continuous 20 l/min max.)
4 to 160 l/min (Continuous 80 l/min max.)
0.4 to 25 m³/h (6.7 to 417 l/min)
±1 % of range
±5 % of reading
±7 % of reading <3 m³/h & ±5 % of reading >3 m³/h
±0.2 %
±0.5 %
±0.5 %
Signal Output
from 0.3 l/min
from 1 l/min
from 0.1 m³/h

Max. Fluid Temperature

85 °C
Max. Pressure
10 bar
DN 25
DN 40
80 mm
178 mm
270 mm
Process Connection
G¾A Male
R1 (1" BSPT) Male
R1½ (1½" BSPT) Male
Pulse Rate (K Factor)
855 pulses/litre
65 pulses/litre
26.6 pulses/litre
Output Resolution
1.2 ml/pulse
15 ml/pulse
37.6 ml/pulse
Signal Shape
Square Wave. NPN Open Collector
Signal Current
10 mA max.
19 mA max.
19 mA max.
Electrical Connection
1.5 m Screened PVC Cable (70 °C max.)
2 m Screened PVC Cable (70 °C max.)
2 m Screened PVC Cable (70 °C max.)
Power Supply
4.5 to 24 Vdc
10 to 30 Vdc
10 to 30 Vdc
Protection Class
IP 54
Max. Particle Size
0.5 mm
0.63 mm
0.63 mm
Wetted Parts
Brass: CuZn36Pb2 As CW602N
Sensor Housing
PPO Noryl GFN3
PPO Noryl GFN 1630 V
PPO Noryl GFN 1630 V / POM Celcom
Turbine System
PPO Noryl GFN 2 V/PPO Noryl GFN 3 V
PPO Noryl GFN 2 V/PPO Noryl GFN 3 V
O-Ring Seal
Arcap AP1D shaft with hard metal pins in Sapphire Bearings
Stainless Steel Shaft with Sapphire Bearing
Stainless Steel Shaft with Sapphire Bearing
Rotor Assembly
Hard Ferrite Magnet


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G¾A brass turbine flow meter
Availability: In Stock
R1 (1" BSPT) brass turbine flow meter
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R1½ (1½" BSPT) brass turbine flow meter
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Product Manuals:

Download FTB371 - Turbine Flow Sensor
Download FTB372 - Turbine Flow Sensor
Download FTB373 - Turbine Flow Sensor
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