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All Plastic Flow sensor for Low to Medium Flows

FTB600B Series

All Plastic Flow Sensors | FTB600B Series

All Plastic Flow Sensors

£495.00 FTB601B

  • All Plastic Flow Sensors with ±1% of Reading Accuracy
  • ±.1% of Reading Repeatability
  • Six Flow Ranges, from 0.1 to 120 LPM
  • Turn Down Up to 30:1
  • Easily Mounts In Any Position
  • Hose-Barb or Threaded Connections
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Find how a Flow meter works on this link.

The OMEGA ® FTB600B Series Flowmeters feature an infrared, electro-optical transmitter and receiver molded into the flowmeter’s body, along with two miniature circuit boards to provide voltage stabilization and automatic IR output level control. The FTB600B automatically compensates IR light intensity for varying fluid opacity levels to insure a strong square wave output signal. The flowmeter is suitable for clear, transparent and translucent fluids which must transmit infrared light. (Note: Not suitable for use with red liquids.) The design of the FTB600B inherently bleeds off entrained gas, thereby improving overall accuracy. This flowmeter can be easily mounted into any position for greater system design flexibility, also saving time and installation costs. A strainer is included in models FTB602B through FT606B.

Accuracy: ±1% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading
Viscosity Range: 1-15 centistokes
Working Pressure: 150 psig at 79°C (175°F)
Max Pressure Drop @ Max Flow: 30 psi on all units
Ambient Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Wetted Parts:FKMO-rings (O-rings are not wetted on NPT units)
Power Supply: 8-24VDC, 6-33 mA
Output Signal: Square wave pulse
Cable Length: 1 meter (3.2 ')
Compatible Meters: DPF700 , DPF70

Please download the PDF file below for full product specifications
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: 1 week
0.1 to 2 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 2 weeks
0.1 to 2 LPM - 1/4" NPT
Availability: 3 weeks
0.3 to 9 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 1 week
0.3 to 9 LPM - 1/2" NPT
Availability: 3 weeks
0.5 to 15 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 3 weeks
0.5 to 15 LPM - 1/2" NPT
Availability: 3 weeks
1 to 30 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 3 weeks
1 to 30 LPM - 3/4" NPT
Availability: 3 weeks
3 to 75 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 3 weeks
3 to 75 LPM - 1 1/4" NPT
Availability: 1 week
5 to 120 LPM - Flexible hose fitting
Availability: 1 week
5 to 120 LPM - 1 1/4" NPT
Compatible Panel Meter
Availability: 1 week
6 digit, 1/8 DIN panel meter for Rate or Total, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with dual relay outputs
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual For NPT Threads add -T to model number. No additional charge.
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