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Portable Oxygen Monitor and Data Logger


oxygen monitor | HHAQ-104

oxygen monitor

£349.00 HHAQ-104

  • Large LCD displays O2 level, Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Calendar (Y/M/D) and Time
  • Built in Fan for Fast Sampling
  • Stable Electrochemical Sensor for O2 Detection
  • Altitude Compensation
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The HHAQ-104 is designed to measure Oxygen (O2) concentration, pressure, air temperature and relative humidity with visible and audible alarms. This O2 monitor is an ideal instrument for indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis and HVAC system performance verification. The HHAQ-104 features a remote probe and detachable soft in/out tube to reach air-ducts or where access with the probe is not possible.

    Measurement Range: 5.0 to 30.0%
    Accuracy: ±1%
    Resolution: 0.1%
    Range: -10 to 60°C
    Accuracy: ±0.6°C
    Resolution: 1°C
Relative Humidity
    Range: 0.1 to 99% RH
    Accuracy: ±3% RH [at 25°, from 10 to 90% RH], ±5% RH above and below
Pressure Range: 30 to 110 kPa
Memory Capacity: 32,000 readings
Storage Temperature: -40 to 70°C
Interface: USB
Response Time: @ 2 minutes to 100%
    Meter: 160 H x 60 W x 40 D mm
    Probe: 142 H x 32 W x 34 D mm
Weight: 550 g
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Handheld O2, pressure, RH and temperature monitor and data logger
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Replacement oxygen probe
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AC power adaptor with universal plugs
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Note: Comes complete with 6 “AAA” batteries, sensor probe and cable, 30 cm tube, CD software, USB cable, carrying pouch, and operator’s manual.
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