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Water Leak Alarm | LA-13

Water Leak Alarm

£38.26 LA-13

  • Battery Powered Sensors Can Be Placed Anywhere
  • Stainless Steel Sensors
  • Alarm >80 dB Loud That Runs for 3 Days
  • Low-Battery Indication
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The LA-13 portable water leak alarm can prevent potential water damage by keeping it anywhere water is a potential danger. Each sensor can be placed in an upright or flat position near the base of potential water leaks.
The LA-13 can be placed near plumbing, sinks, aquariums, sump pumps, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, water heaters, basements, washing machines and garages.

Dimension: 79.4 x 66.7 x 22.2 mm (31/8 x 25/8 x 7/8")
Power Supply: 9 V battery (included)
Weight: Approximately 136 g (0.3 lb) with battery included
Alarm: 110 dB
Alarm Time: 3 days
Sensors: Stainless steel
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Availability: 1 week
Water leak alarm
Availability: In Stock
Extra 9 V alkaline battery
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