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Observation Fume Hood


Observation Fume Hood | LAB-500002002

Observation Fume Hood

£690.00 LAB-500002002


Lightweight and economical, this hood has clear polycarbonate windows which are stronger than acrylic, wipe clean with a damp cloth, and provide excellent visualization in a group setting. The front sash opens to three adjustable positions for air flow control. The hood’s polyethylene surface is chemical resistant and easy to clean. Stepped exhaust duct will accept either a 12 or 15 cm (4 or 6") diameter duct.

Overall Dimensions: 69 L x 33 W x 56 cm H (27 x 13 x 22")
Back Stationary Window: 50.8 W x 27.9 cm H (20 x 11")
Exhaust System Requirements: 200 cfm (free air) recommended
Shipping Weight: 18.1 kg (40 lb)
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LAB-500002002 Star
Availability: 1 week
Observation fume hood
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