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Low Cost Conductivity Level Switch Systems for Liquids Only

LVC Series, LVC500 Series

Low Cost Conductivity Level Switch Systems for Liquids Only | LVC Series, LVC500 Series

Low Cost Conductivity Level Switch Systems for Liquids Only

£11.27 LVC-E11

  • No Moving Parts for Long Life Reliability
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility
  • Works for Conductive Liquids
  • SPDT Relay Output
  • Fully Field Selectable
  • Transparent Case for Viewing Relay Status
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Series LVC500 electronic level controls should be used whenever a liquid level needs to be maintained, such as pumping down an industrial sump, or indicated, such as a holding tank high level alarm. A system consists of three components; 1) Cut-to-length threaded electrode rods. 2) Single or multi-electrode holder. 3) Remote electronic module(s).

The LVC500 Series operates on a simple conductance principle whereby a small electrical current is passed through the conductive liquid between two electrodes or an electrode and metallic tank wall. For those applications requiring a separate start and stop point, a single control module, plus two electrodes and tank reference are required. When several applications or levels are necessary within a single tank, an electrode is needed for each level (plus tank reference), plus a multi-electrode holder and a control module for each differential or single level application.

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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: 1 week
303SS, 12 "
Availability: 1 week
303SS, 24"
Consult Sales  
303SS, 36"
Consult Sales  
303SS, 48"
Availability: 1 week
303SS, 60"
Consult Sales  
303SS, 72"
Availability: 1 week
316SS, 12 "
Availability: 1 week
316SS, 24"
Availability: 1 week
316SS, 36"
Availability: 1 week
316SS, 48"
Availability: 1 week
316SS, 60"
Consult Sales  
316SS, 72''
Threaded Single Electrode Holder
Threaded Multi-Electrode Assemblies (Includes Junction Box)
Flanged Multi-Electrode Assemblies (Includes Junction Box)
Standard Relay Electronics
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes with complete operator's manual.
Direct action standard; for inverse action, add suffix "-INV" to model number. Inverse normally used for pump up or low level applications.
For 240 Vac or 24Vdc operation relays, add suffix "-240VAC" or "-24Vdc" respectively. Contact sales for additional pricing and to order.

Product Manuals:

Download LVC512 - Standard Relay Electronics
Download LVC551 - Intrinsic Safe Relay
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