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Single-Switch Fitting Assemblies

LVM-50 Series

Single-Switch Fitting Assemblies | LVM-50 Series

Single-Switch Fitting Assemblies

  • Ideal Single-Switch Installation Fitting For High or Low Level Switch Applications
  • Single-Switch Installation is Made Fast, Simple and Cost Effective
  • The LVM-50 Series is Offered in Custom User Specified Lengths From 6 Inches to 8 Feet
  • Compatible with OMEGA ® Level Switches, Relay Controllers and Junction Boxes
  • Constructed of PP, PVC or PVDF Materials for Corrosive Liquids
  • Entire Level Switch Assembly Installs Through 2" NPT Fittings
  • Compact Junction Box Rated NEMA-4X for Power and Signal Termination
  • Side Mount Bracket Provides Easy Installation in Open Tanks or Sumps
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FITTING LENGTH The length is measured from the base of wrench flat to the end of the level switch adapter. To specify the fitting length, determine the assembly length including the level switch that will be installed on the LVM-50 Series fitting. The assembly length minus the the nominal switch length equals the length of the fitting. Specify the length with the part number at the time of your order.

Please download PDF below for complete product specifications
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Consult Sales  
Switch Fitting, PVC
Availability: 5 weeks
Switch Fitting, PP
Availability: 5 weeks
Switch Fitting, PVDF
Consult Sales  
Compact Junction Box (1-3 switches)
Availability: 1 week
Side Mount Bracket, PP
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: The length must be specified with the part number (example: LVN-50-18") at the time of your order. The above mentioned prices are based on a 6" to 12" length. For PVC, add $3 per foot for each additional foot up to 8'. For PP, add $5 per foot for each additional foot up to 8' For PVDF, add $25 per foot for each additional foot up to 8'. The length may be specified from 6" to 8' maximum. For integral power and signal termination, order one compact junction box for installation on the top of switch assembly. To install an LVM-50 in an open tank or sump, order one side mount bracket LVM-30. The switch fitting components (2" NPT plug fitting with 3/4" NPT switch adapter) may also be purchased unassembled by specifying a zero length with the part number (example: LVM-50-00.00"). Attachment of a user provided 3/4" pipe section requires a solvent (PVC) or thermal (PP, PVDF) weld assembly with the switch pack fitting components.
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