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Plastic Fittings for Tubing and Hose (1/16" ID - 1" ID)


Plastic Fittings for Tubing and Hose (1/16

Plastic Fittings for Tubing and Hose (1/16" ID - 1" ID)

£10.04 FTPP-3040NP

  • PVDF
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Offers kits for storage and organization of a wide variety of fittings. Each unit consists of 4 impact-resistant boxes in a storage rack. The individual boxes, which feature secure, snap-shut latches, can be removed and carried separately. Convenient compartments make fittings easy to store and easy to find.

Temperature Range:
Kynar: -62 to 108°C (-80 to 226°F)
Polypropylene: -13 to 66°C (9 to 150°F)
Nylon: -46 to 135°C (-50 to 275°F)
Maximum Pressure:
Kynar: 17.9 bar (260 psi)
Polypropylene: 10.3 bar (150 psi)
Nylon: 10.3 bar (150 psi)
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