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Pulse or Frequency Input Transmitter, DIN rail mount


Pulse or Frequency transmitter | TXDIN1600F

Pulse or Frequency transmitter

£161.00 TXDIN1600F

  • Dual or Single Universal Frequency Input Transmitter
  • 8 or 15 V Sensor Excitation
  • Frequency (0.01 to 65000) Hz Or Counter (DC to 1000) Hz Modes
  • Rate or Total, K Factor, M Factor, Maths Functions
  • Isolated Output of Current, Voltage or Bipolar Voltage
  • Second Input Acts As A Reset In Single Channel Mode
  • Volt Free Contact Trip, Latched Trip or Pulse Output Actions
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Click on the link to learn more about signal conditioning.

The TXDIN1600F signal conditioner accepts all common process pulse signals with a frequency range between 0.01 to 65000 Hz in standard configuration and DC to 1000 Hz in counter mode. Typical applications would be to measure flow or batch counting.

The product has a built in capability to operate as a dual input which allows differential flow / count measurement with advanced maths functions. Or, as a single channel input, with an external reset contact.

When operated in single channel mode, the discrete input can be programmed to reset the total counter, batch counter or latched relay. The input can also be programmed to control the total counter direction with a combination of count up /count down or halt modes available.

A volt free output contact is provided capable of operating as either a trip, latched trip or pulsed trip. High and low level trip functions are also available. The output stage offers either voltage, bipolar voltage or active / passive current re-transmission signals. The retransmission signal can be ranged to a scale anywhere within the process range.

The product uses a USB port for configuration, together with a simple to use free menu driven software configuration tool, allowing the user to take advantage of the products’ comprehensive specification.

The device can be configured to operate in three modes:-

· Frequency to process signal mode plus trip
· Advanced frequency mode with K factor, M factor, totalise, rate, maths functions, process signal + trip
· Counter mode with K factor, totalise, maths functions, process signal + trip


Note channel B offers all input sense option when set in discrete mode. In this mode channel B input value is either high or low.

Frequency Mode
Frequency Range(0.01 to 65000) Hz
Min measuring Value 0.01 Hz
Min cut off 0.01 Hz
Min pulse width 50 µS
Sample Time 0.1 S or 1 S

Counter Mode
Range (DC to 1000) Hz
Min pulse width 50 µS

Tacho (mV) input
Low trigger < 100 mV
High Trigger > 200 mV
Impedance >100 kΩ
Over voltage ± 50 V

mA Input
Low trigger < 1.2 mA
High Trigger > 2.1 mA
Impedance 1 kΩ

PNP, NPN, Contact
Current Max 16 mA @ 15 V Excitation
Current Max 9 mA @ 8 V Excitation
Low trigger < 1.2 mA
High Trigger > 2.1 mA
Impedance 1 kΩ

TTL input
Low trigger < 1.0 V
High Trigger > 2.0 V
Impedance 100 kΩ

Sensor supply
Namur 8 V dc ± 1.0 V @ 25 mA
Sensor 15 V dc ± 1.0 V @ 25 mA

EMC - BS EN 61326 Electrical equipment for measurement control and laboratory use.
Note - Signal input wires to be less than 30 metres to comply.
NPN inputs require external 2 kΩ pull up resistor.
Max. Voltage 24 V dc, Current 0.5 A dc
Trip Actions High/Low level trip, High/Low latched trip
Frequency Mode Signal Rate A, Total A, Rate B, Total B, Rate Maths Function, Total Maths Function.
Counter Mode Signal Total A, Total B, Total Maths Function.
Pulse output Period (20 to 10000) mS
Frequency Mode Signal Total A, Total B, Total Maths Function.
Counter Mode Signal Total A, Total B, Total Maths Function.

Output Types Current /Voltage
Frequency Mode Signal Rate A, Total A, Rate B, Total B, Rate Maths Function, Total Maths Function.
Counter Mode Signal Total A, Total B, Total Maths Function.

Output Types current sink, source
Current sink Supply voltage (10 to 30) V dc
Current source Max Load 750 R
Range (0 to 20) mA; Max Range 21.5 mA
Output Connection Screw Terminal
Accuracy (mA output /2000) or 5 µA (Whichever is the greater)
Loop Voltage effect 0.2 µA / V (Sink Mode)
Thermal drift 1 µA / °C

Voltage output Max Load current 5 mA
Range (0 to 10) V, (-10 to 10) V; Max Range 10.5 V
Output Connection Screw Terminal
Accuracy ± 5 mV

Three port 500 V dc

Update time 100 mS
Response Time 200 mS
Start up time 4 seconds (Output start up condition lags)
Warm-up time 1 minute to full accuracy
Active Scaling Allows scaling of output against active input, Using USB port
Ambient storage temperature (-20 to +70) °C
Ambient humidity range (10 to 90) % RH non condensing

Range (10 to 48) V dc; (10 to 32) V rms ac
Power < 1 W @ full output current Protection Internal resettable fuse (0.5 A) + Over Voltage protection.
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