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Short Range Ultrasonic Level/Distance Transmitter-Switch


Short Range Ultrasonic Level/Distance Transmitter-Switch
 | USR03-Series

Short Range Ultrasonic Level/Distance Transmitter-Switch

£518.41 USR03-1NPT-232

  • Short 1.75 inch dead band
  • Unaffected by optical factors like color and transparency
  • PC or button “teachable” setup
  • Narrow beam with adjustments to optimize performance
  • Temperature compensated
  • Quick mounting
  • Durable sealed housing for wet or dirty applications
  • Short & overload protected I/O
  • Multi-sensor synchronization
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Rear status indicators (3)
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USR03 Series sensors and OmegaVIEW software put the power of ultrasonics in your hands yet retain the simplicity of push-button TEACH setup. You can quickly adjust, optimize, save and clone your applications without calibration! Built rugged as with all Omega sensors, the USR03 is designed to address close up and shorter working distance requirements. Narrow beam width and shortened minimum range gives closeup versatility. Serial data and analog outputs respond to measured distance. Non-contact technology means nothing touches your materials.

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Availability: 1 week
316SS,91cm Range,M30,Multiple Outputs,RS-485
Availability: 4 weeks
316SS,91cm Range,M30,Multiple Outputs,RS-232
Availability: 4 weeks
316SS,91cm Range,1"NPT,Multiple Outputs,RS-485
Availability: 1 week
316SS,91cm Range,1"NPT,Multiple Outputs,RS-232
Availability: 4 weeks
USB Set-Up Kit (For RS-485 Sensors)
Availability: 4 weeks
USB Set-Up Kit (For RS-232 Sensors)
Availability: 4 weeks
Bracket, 90 degree (for ToughSonic 3 & 14, 30mm only)
Availability: 1 week
Mounting Nuts, qty. 2, (for ToughSonic 3 & 14, 30mm only)
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