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Turbine Meters For Water Totalisation


Turbine Flowmeters For Water | FTB-4100

Turbine Flowmeters For Water

  • For Water Flows from 0.15 to 2600 US GPM
  • Scaled Pulse Output Available for Remote Totalization Indication
  • For Hot or Cold Water Applications
  • Up to ±1.5% of Reading Accuracy
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OMEGA’s FTB-4000 flowmeters are highly accurate and feature tamper-resistant, non-resettable totalizers. The large faces are easy to read. Optional reed relay scaled pulse outputs allow for remote totalization (1.8 m of cable included). The pulse output option is factory installed and must be requested at the time of order. All FTB flowmeters feature built-in strainers, trickle flow indication and are shipped complete with locking nuts and coupling pieces.

Accuracy: from 10% of cont. to max. flow : ±1.5% of reading; below 10% of cont. flow: ±2% of reading
Power for Pulse Output: 6-16 Vdc
Max. Temp: 90°C
Max. Pressure: 150 psi
Pulse Outputs: Reed Relay: 4100P Series: 1 gal/pulse (for remote totalization only)
Max. Reading (gals): 10 million for 1 /2 " and 3 /4 "; 100 million for 1", 1 1 /4 ", 1 1 /2 "
Wetted Parts: Brass body, stainless steel polyimide (fiberglass), polypropylene, EPDM O-Ring Installation Requirements: 10 pipe diameters upstream, 5 downstream
Mounting: Horizontal or vertical for 1 /2 " and 3 /4 " models, Horizontal Mounting Required for 1", 1 1 /4 ", 1 1 /2 " models.

For complete product specifications see the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Consult Sales  
0.15 MIN USGPM 6.6 CONT 13.2 MAX USGPM 1/2 " MNPT, 200F
Consult Sales  
0.15 MIN USGPM 6.6 CONT 13.2 MAX USGPM 1/2 " MNPT, 200F
Availability: 9 weeks
0.20 MIN USGPM 11.0 CONT 20.0 MAX USGPM 3/4 " MNPT, 200F
Availability: 1 week
0.5 MIN USGPM 26.4 CONT 52.8 MAX GPM 1" USMNPT, Horizontal Mounting Required
Consult Sales  
0.8 MIN USGPM 44 CONT 88 MAX USGPM 1.5" MNPT, Horizontal Mounting Required
Popular Panel Meters for Pulse output models
Availability: 1 week
6 digit, 1/8 DIN panel meter for Rate or Total, 85 to 260 Vac powered, with dual relay outputs
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Note: Units come complete with operator's manual.
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