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Continuous Level Reed Switch Field Repairable  - Discontinued

LVR200 Series

Continuous Level Reed Switch Field Repairable | LVR200 Series

Continuous Level Reed Switch Field Repairable

  • Watertight Removable Core
  • Stainless Steel
  • 76.2 mm (3") MinimumRequired Above Tank Level
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When your application calls for a sealed tank, or the installation does not lend itself to easy removal, the LVR200 Series field-repairable continuous level switches should be considered. The entire stem and face mount can be permanently sealed to the vessel. Should replacement of the reed switches become necessary, unscrewing the top mount and removing the entire switch assembly can be accomplished without compromising the vessel’s interior environment. The ability to easily remove the LVR200 series from a sealed tank allows most repairs to be completed on-site. When compared to conventional liquid level switches, this field-repairable continuous level switch eliminates the need for tank depressurization and reduces the chance of environmental contamination.
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Range : 813 mm (32")
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