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48-Channel Digital I/O BoardFor IBM PC and Compatibles


48-Channel Digital I/O BoardFor IBM PC and Compatibles | CIO-DIO48

48-Channel Digital I/O BoardFor IBM PC and Compatibles

  • 48 TTL Digital I/O Lines
  • Single 50-Pin Connector Carries All 48 Digital Lines plus Power
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The CIO-DIO48 can control 48 devices or sense 48 contact closures from a single half-size card in a PC. The CIO-DIO48 employs two 8255 parallel peripheral interface chips which are programmable in three modes; simple byte input or output or strobed I/O. The 8255 is simple to program. The CIO-DIO48 can provide 2.5 mA to activate other chips, but not enough for LED’s or relays. The CIO-DIO48H can source 15 mA or source 64 mA, enough for switching most relays and SSR’s.
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48 channel digital I/O board
Consult Sales  
48 channel high drive digital I/O board
Availability: 10 weeks
50 channel 4" x 4" screw terminal board, requires cable
Availability: 1 week
24 channel solid state relay mounting rack, requires cable and solid state relays (see section H)
Consult Sales  
24 channel electro-mechanical relay board, requires cable
Availability: 10 weeks
50-conductor connection cable, 2 ft
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Note: Comes complete with installation, calibration and test utility, programming libraries for Windows XP SP2/Vista/7, LabVIEW drivers and operator's manual on CD.
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