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Layer N Gateway Series


Layer N Gateway Series | GW-001-Series

Layer N Gateway Series

£170.00 GW-001-2-EU

  • Free Layer N Standard Cloud service accessible from any connected device1
  • Easy one-button pairing with Smart Sensor
  • transmit up to 3.2 km2
  • AES-256 Encrypted wireless link keeps your data secure
  • Wireless Gateways can connect up to 256 Smart Sensors per unit 3

    • 1.Visit Layer N Cloud for subscription options. Level of service varies with subscription tier.

    • 2.Clear Line of sight. Actual range may vary depending on environment.

    • 3.256 sensors are supported at typical update intervals, on the order of 60 minutes, higher data rates or adverse environmental conditions may diminish the number of sensors supported.
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GW-001 Series gateways are designed for long range performance and ease of use. They aggregate data from all connected sensors and transmit it to the Layer N Cloud where it can be securely accessed from your PC, tablet or phone.

Long Range

The Wireless Gateways utilize Sub GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to ensure robust, long range communications to Layer N Smart Sensors. Transmission ranges of up to 1.2 km can be achieved when the sensor is powered with the standard AA batteries, and transmission ranges of up to 3.2 km can be achieved with a Smart Sensor in range boost mode powered by a standard external 5V USB power supply.2

Plug and Play

The Layer N Gateway is easily paired to Layer N Smart Sensors with the press of a button and will automatically show up on your Layer N Cloud account. Local data logging for your Smart Sensor devices keeps your data secure in the event of a power or network outage. Reports, History, and E-mail alerts from the Layer N Cloud keep you informed on the status of all your vital processes.


Layer N wireless products are designed with state of the art security features to protect your data with robust AES256 encryption and advanced PKA-EC521bit (NIST) elliptic-curve cryptography to protect your data. The gateway features a Trusted Platform Module secure hardware element which protects the safety of all encryption keys and usesX.509 device certificates for secure communication between the gateway and the Layer N Cloud.

Wireless Standard: GW-001-2

This high performance wireless gateway seamlessly connects to up to 256 Layer N Smart Sensor devices. The GW-001-2 also features Modbus RTU RS232/RS485 connections to enable seamless integration of industry standard Modbus RTU devices. Standard Ethernet connectivity ensures fast, easy connection to the Layer N Cloud.

Wireless Pro: GW-001-3

The Wireless Pro adds a second Ethernet port for Modbus TCP device compatibility and two USB ports to enable local smart probe connections. It also features power over Ethernet (POE) which enables the gateway to be remotely powered.

Wired Standard: GW-001-0

This version is designed specifically for wired applications. It features standard Ethernet connectivity to the Cloud, plus both Modbus RTU RS232/ RS485 and Modbus TCP connectivity suitable for a wide range of wired applications.


Wireless Communication Frequency*: *Wireless communication is only available on qualifying variants **Maximum range possible when Smart Sensor is powered by USB and without obstruction


AC Adapter: DC 12V @ 2A
Power over Ethernet*: IEEE 802.3at compatible Type 1 Class 3 *PoE only available on Wireless Pro variant


RJ45: 2x ports
USB: 2x USB 2.0
DC Jack: DC 12V power input
Serial Port: RS232/RS485
Alarm: SSR 36VDC 100mA
Antenna: One Antenna for Sub-1G
*Interfaces available vary according to model purchased


Rating: IP40
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 65 °C, non-condensing


Dimensions: 170 mm L x 100 mm W x 42 mm H (6.69” x 3.93” x 1.65”)


Contains FCC ID: WR3-MOD16370915
Contains IC ID: 8205A-MOD16370915

Emission & Immunity for EMI/EMS

FCC: FCC Part 15B
CE: EN 301 489-1/-3

Radio Frequency & Human Exposure/SAR

FCC: FCC Part 15C (15.247) FCC MPE
CE: EN 300 220
        EN 62311 MPE


LVD: EN 62368-1

Your Data at a Glance with Layer N Cloud

Layer N Cloud consolidates and brings your data to you when you need it, wherever you are. The intuitive cloud interface allows you to monitor and store your data, set alarms and alerts, and provides insights on device activity.


Max number of Smart Sensors: Up to 256 Smart Sensors can connect to a wireless gateway unit


Model Number Description
GW-001-0 Layer N Wired Gateway Standard
GW-001-2-EU Layer N Wireless Smart Gateway Standard, 868 MHZ
GW-001-3-EU Layer N Wireless Smart Gateway Professional, 868 MHZ

Smart Sensors

The Layer N ecosystem supports a variety of Smart Sensors. Up to 256 Smart Sensors can connect to a GW-001 unit. We currently offer the following options.

Model Number Description
SS-001-1-EU Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor
SS-001-3-EU Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Light Smart Sensor
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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: In Stock
Layer N Wireless Smart Gateway Professional, 868 MHZ
Availability: In Stock
Layer N Wireless Smart Gateway Standard, 868 MHZ
Availability: 1 week
Layer N Wired Gateway Standard
Availability: In Stock
Temperature and Humidity Smart Sensor
Availability: In Stock
Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Light Smart Sensor
Availability: 1 week
Smart Probe USB interface
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