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16-Channel Isolated Digital Input Board


16-Channel Isolated Digital Input Board | OME-DB-16P

16-Channel Isolated Digital Input Board

£131.41 OME-DB-16P

  • 16 Optically Isolated Digital Input Channels
  • AC/DC Signal Input
  • AC Signal Input with Filter
  • Input Buffer with Voltage Compactors
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The OME-DB-16P is a 16 channel isolated digital input daughter board. The optically isolated inputs of the OME-DB-16P consist of a bi-directional OPTO-coupler with a resistor for current sensing. You can use the OME-DB-16P to sense DC signals from TTL levels up to 24V. You can also use OME-DB-16P to sense a wide range of AC signals. You can use the board to isolate the computer from large common-mode voltages, ground loops and voltage spikes that often occur in industrial environments.

Compatible Data Acquisition Boards:
OME-PCI-1802H, OME-PCI-1802L,
OME-PCI-1800H, OME-PCI-1800L,
OME-PCI-1602, OME-PCI-1602F,
OME-PCI-1202H, OME-PCI-1202L,
OME-PCI-1002H, OME-PCI-1002L

Configuration16 optically isolated digital input channels
CompatibilityTTL compatible
Number of Channels16, each with its own ground reference
isolated from other channels
Maximum Input Voltage24 Vdc or 24 Vac
Input Low Voltage0 V(min); ±1V (max)
Input High Voltage±2.8 Vdc/4VRMS(min);
±24 Vdc/24 Vac (max)
Input Impedance1.2 K
5V Inputs4 mA/channel min
24V Inputs20 mA/channel min
Response Time20 ms without filter / 2.2 ms with filter
Power Supplies+5 V@224 mA max
Dimensions205 L x 114 mm H (8.1 x 4.5")
Operating Temperatureto 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Humidity5 to 90% noncondensing
Power Consumption12 V @0.53 A; 5 V@ 0.2 A
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Availability: 4 weeks
16-channel isolated digital input board, includes 1 m cable
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Note: Comes complete with user's manual
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