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A Historical Perspective
Theoretical Development
IR Through the Ages    Radiation Basics
From Newton to Einstein    Blackbody Concepts
Today's Applications
   From Blackbodies to Real Surfaces
IR Thermometers & Pyrometers    Infared Thermocouples
The N Factor    Thermocouple Basics
Types of Radiation Thermometers    Self-Powered Infrared Thermocouples
Design & Engineering
   Installation Guidelines
Fiber Optic Extensions    Linescanning & Thermography
Fiber Advantages    Infrared Linescanners
Fiber Applications    2-D Thermographic Analysis
Component Options
   Enter the Microprocessor
Calibration of IR Thermometers    Products & Applications
Why Calibrate?    Alternative Configurations
Blackbody Cavities    Application Guidelines
Tungsten Filament Lamps    Accessories & Options