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acceleration sensor | ACC102

acceleration sensor

  • Ideal for Harsh Environments
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Superior Low Noise Floor for High Resolution
  • Rugged Strain Relief on Integral Cable
  • Fast Turn-on Time (1 Sec)
  • High EMI Noise Rejection
  • 100 mV/g Output
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Click on this link if you need more information about an accelerometer.

The ACC102A accelerometer uses a shear mode design for high performance. It has a rugged stainless steel inner structure covered by a moulded polymer. This construction makes the ACC102A impervious to harsh environments, such as alkaline coolants, hot oil and water sprays, resulting in long, reliable service. Additional features include high shock protection (to protect from dropping or mishandling), cross wire protection (protects against mis-wiring), and up to 1000 volt static discharge protection.

The ACC102A has a high 100 mV/g output and measures across wide frequency and acceleration ranges. A low impedance cable allows for runs up to 300 metres. The ACC102A exhibits the low noise floor and high amplitude linearity you’d expect in more expensive units.

Excitation: 2 mA @ 24 to 30 Vdc, constant current (18 V supply can be used but will limit amplitude range)
Rated Output: 100 mV/g nominal at 100 Hz
Frequency Range: 3 Hz to 5 kHz (up to ±5% rated output shift)
Amplitude Range: ±75 g peak with ACC-PS3A amplifier/power supply
Amplitude Linearity: 1% up to 65 g peak
Temperature Range: -40 to 82°C
Temperature Sensitivity Effect:
-54 to 38°C: ≤5% FS;
38 to 121°C: ≤8% FS
Thermal Shock: 1.2 g/°C
Transverse Sensitivity: 7% of axial max
Maximum g Without Damage: 5000 g peak
Maximum g Without Clipping: 75 g peak
Mounted Resonance Frequency: >23 kHz nominal
Output Impedance: 200 Ω nominal
Bias Voltage: 13 V nominal
Base Strain: 0.04 g/microstrain nominal
Noise Floor (Wideband): 0.0003 g (rms)
Weight: 50 g nominal (without cable)
   Inner Housing: 303 SS
   Outer Jacket: Non-conductive composite polymer
Dimensions: 2.16 H x 2.54 cm D
Connector: 3 metre integral coaxial cable to BNCM
Mounting: 10-32 removable stud
Mounting Torque Max: 22 cm-kg (20 in-lb)

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Accelerometer constant current power supply. 230 Vac powered
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1.8 metre long coaxial cable (BNCM/BNCM)
Availability: 1 week
4.5 metre long coaxial cable (BNCM/BNCM)
Availability: 8 weeks
60 cm long coaxial cable (BNCM/banana plug)
Availability: 1 week
175 mm long coaxial cable (BNCM/pigtail)
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