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Electromechanical Relay Racks for the CIO-DIO Family of Digital I/O Boards


Electromechanical Relay Racks for the CIO-DIO Family of Digital I/O Boards | CIO-ERB08

  • 48, 24 and 8 Channel Models
  • Direct Connection to the CIO Family of Plug-in Boards
  • On-Board Buffers
  • Powered by 5 Vdc
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The CIO-ERB is a family of electromechanical relay racks designed to be compatible with the CIO-DIO family of digital I/O plug-in boards. There are three models in the family: the CIO-ERB48 contains 48 relays, the CIO-ERB24 contains 24 relays and the CIO-ERB08 contains 8 relays. All relays are form C electromechanical capable of handling 6 A at 24 Vdc or 3 A at 120 Vac. Field wiring is accom-plished using screw terminals for each relay. The screw terminals allow you to connect signals via 12-22 AWG wire. The digital I/O board connects to the CIO-ERB racks via a standard 37 conductor cable, or 50 conductor cable depending on the CIO-ERB model.
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48 channel electromechanical relay board
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24 channel electromechanical relay board
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8 channel electromechanical relay board
Availability: 1 week
0.6 m (2') cable, 37 pin D connectors
Availability: 10 weeks
0,6 m (2') cable, 50 pin header connectors
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Note: All CIO-ERB boards include a 3 m (10') power adapter cable.
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