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Hand-held digital torque gauges with 0.5% full scale accuracy

HHTQ35 Series

torque gauges | HHTQ35 Series

torque gauges

£1,080.00 HHTQ35-100

  • Ergonomic Torque Sensor with Jacobs Chuck
  • 2000 Hz Sampling Rate
  • Ultra-Compact Size
  • Selectable Units of Measure
  • USB Data Output
  • Programmable Setpoints with Pass/Fail Indicators
  • Large Backlit Graphics Display
  • Live Load Bar Graph with Set Point Markers
  • Peak Readings and Set Points Always Displayed
  • Configurable Audio Alarms and Key Tones
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OMEGA’s HHTQ35 Series is an economical digital force gauge designed for clockwise and counterclockwise torque measurements in a variety of applications. They are available in ranges from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin (7 to 1150 KgFmm) and have a 2000 Hz sample rate. A backlit graphic LCD displays large characters and a menu is available to access the gauges features and configurable parameters. Units have a USB output for data collection and setpoint indicators for pass-fail testing.

Accuracy: 0.5% of full scale
Power: Rechargeable battery or AC using adaptor (batteries and adaptor included)
Battery Life: Up to 7 hours continuous use with backlight on or 24 hours with backlight off
Low Battery: Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low
Measurement Units: ozFin, lbFin, kgFmm, Ncm (depending on model)
Safe Overload: 150% of full scale (display shows “OVER” at 110% and above)
Configurable Settings: Digital filters, USB output, automatic shutoff, default settings, key tones, audio alarms, calibration
Meter: 99.1 H x 64.3 W x 38.1 mm D (3.90 x 2.53 x 1.50")
    ≤ 50Z Range: 44.5 D x 122.4 mm L (1.75 x 4.82")
    > 50Z Range: 44.5 D x 131.8 mm L (1.75 x 5.19")
Weight: 0.8 kg (1.8 lb)
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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: 4 weeks
Range vs Resolution; 10 x 0.01 ozFin , 7 x 0.005 Ncm
Availability: 4 weeks
Range vs Resolution; 20 x 0.02 ozFin, 14 x 0.01 Ncm
Availability: 3 weeks
Range vs Resolution; 50 x 0.05 ozFin, 36 x 0.05 Ncm
Availability: 1 week
Range vs Resolution; 12 x 0.01 lbFin, 135 x 0.1 Ncm
Availability: 1 week
Range vs Resolution; 50 x 0.05 lbFin, 570 x 0.5 Ncm
Availability: 4 weeks
Range vs Resolution; 100 x 0.1 lbFin, 1150 x 1 Ncm
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes complete with carrying case, AC adaptor with US plug, USB cable and CD with USB drivers and operator’s manual. For AC adaptor with European plug add suffix “-E” to model number, UK style plug add “-U”, no extra cost.
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