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LVDT Signal Conditioner, DC Powered


DC Powered Signal Conditioner, Provides Transducer Excitation and Selectable Analog Outputs; Works with LD320 Series Transducers | LDX-4

£460.00 LDX-4

  • Operates on 10 to 30 Vdc
  • +5V, ±10V, or 20 mA Selectable Outputs
  • Adjustable Zero and Span
  • High-Accuracy Oscillator/ Demodulator Circuits Provide 3 V @ 5 kHz
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The LDX-4 is a dc powered signal conditioning amplifier and power supply for ac LVDT's. Its compact, rugged case can withstand industrial installations and protect laboratory grade electronics. Complete zero and span adjustments allow the LDX-4 to be used with any LVDT with an output between 45 and 450 mV/V full scale. Selectable outputs of ±5 V or ±10 V interface with recorders, displays, and other instruments. Also, when using the ±5 V output range, a second 0 - 20 mA signal is available for retransmitting the signal over long distances.

Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc
Supply Current (voltage output): 140 mA max. with 10 Vdc supply voltage; 60 mA max. with 30 Vdc supply voltage
Supply Current (current output): 180 mA max. with 10 Vdc supply voltage; 70 mA max. with 30 Vdc supply voltage
Noise on Power Supply (typical): 20 mV pp @ 100 kHz
Input Protection: Over voltage, reverse connection
Transducer Energization: 3V rms @ 5 kHz
Transducer Range:45 to 450 mV/V full scale
Output Voltage (selectable): ±5 Vdc or ±10 Vdc full scale
Load Resistance: 1 kΩ minimum
Analog Output Current: + 20 mA full scale into 1500 Ω maximum (only with 5 V range selected)
Offset Range: 0 to 100%
Gain Temperature Coefficient: < 200 ppm/°C
Output Temperature Coefficient: < 200 ppm/°C
Output Noise: < 20 mV pp @ 10 to 100 kHz
Non-Linearity: < 0.1% BSL
Temperature Range: 0 to 60°C (-18 to 140°F)
Weight (approx.): 300g (11 oz)
Dimensions: 40 H x 65 W x 120 mm L (157 x 256 x 4.72")
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10 to 30 Vdc powered signal conditioner for AC LVDT's
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