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Gooseneck Mounting Kit for OS36 Series Infrared Thermocouples


Gooseneck Mounting Kit for OS36 Series Infrared Thermocouples | OS36-GMK

£64.00 OS36-GMK

  • Fast Mounting for Testing
  • Flexible Installation
  • For OS36 Series Infrared Thermocouple
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For fast and convenient mounting of OS36 Series infrared thermocouples (especially for testing), the gooseneck mounting kit provides an inexpensive method to quickly install an infrared thermocouple directly on the production line. Heavy duty design provides excellent stiffness for reliable positioning. Clamps are fabricated of aluminum for durable performance.

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Part Number/ Desc.
OS36-GMK Star
Availability: 1 week
Gooseneck mounting kit
OS36-APK-120 Star
Consult Sales  
Air pump kit for air purge supply for OS36-2 and OS36-5 Series infrared thermocouples, 120 Vac, 120 cu. in./min. (1960 cc/min.)
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OS36-MB2 Star
Availability: 1 week
Stainless steel mounting bracket for OS36-5, OS36-10, OS37-10, OS38-10, OS37-100 and OS38-100 Series infrared thermocouples
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