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Temperature sensors manufacturers

Precision Manufacturing of Temperature Products

Our commitment to maintaining the leading edge through research development and state-of-the art manufacturing keeps OMEGA firmly at the forefront of technology. OMEGA's Development and Engineering Center (ODEC), located on the Connecticut campus, is home to OMEGA's design and engineering laboratories. All product designs are tested and perfected here prior to marketing. This state-of-the-art facility houses OMEGA's metrology lab and other quality control facilities. The testing that takes place here assures that you receive the best products for your applications. Once an OMEGA product design is perfected and tested, stock production takes place at our Bridgeport, New Jersey, manufacturing plant.

Located just 22 miles from Philadelphia, this site houses OMEGA's advanced OMEGACLAD™ thermocouple wire production equipment along with an Award Winning Class 10 Clean Room for RTD Element manufacturing and a host of other computerized CNC milling machines, injection molding equipment, screw machines, braiders, extruders, punch presses and much, much more.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Omega Engineering, the leader in temperature sensor manufacturing, continues to offer new product opportunities to the OEM. Omega provides the best price, highest quality, and off the shelf solution to meet the unique requirements of the OEM. Omega understands the need to be completive in today's global environment. Contact our OEM sales representatives today for a quote in RTD elements or probes, thermocouples, thermistors or a custom solution at

Design and Custom Engineering

Omega Engineering proudly offers the most sophisticated and extensive Custom Engineering capabilities in the process measurement and control industry. Our custom manufacturing capabilities extend "beyond the handbooks," and reinforce our customer service/customer driven philosophy. Whether you need a simple modification of a standard product or complete customized system engineering, OMEGA can accommodate your special request. Please visit our Custom Engineering section.

Choose the right temperature measurement instrument for your application

RTD (Resistance Temperature Devices) Platinum Thin Film Elements RTD (Resistance Temperature Devices) Platinum Thin Film Elements
OMEGAFILM™ elements are manufactured to meet the requirements of IEC Standard 60751. This standard uses "Classes" to define the accuracy and interchangeability for the elements, the basic resistance vs. temperature characteristics, temperature ranges and other technical information relating to the OmegaFilm™ RTD elements.
RTD Probes and Assemblies RTD Probes and Assemblies
OMEGA offers a wide variety of probes in various configurations. The RTD probe is the most rugged form of RTD. A probe consists of an RTD element mounted inside a metal tube, also known as a sheath. The sheath protects the element from the environment. Use RTD Product Finder to search the product you need.
Thermocouples Thermocouples
Omega is the leader in thermocouple manufacturing! Omega offers standard and custom thermocouple configurations to meet the needs of all your temperature measurement applications. Omega makes it easy to configure a custom probe by providing you with our Probe Configurator. If your project is more complex, our Custom Engineering department can help.
Thermistors Thermistors
The standalone thermistor element is relatively fragile and can not be placed in a rugged environment. OMEGA offers thermistor probes which are thermistor elements embedded in metal tubes. Thermistor probes are much more suitable for industrial environments than thermistor elements.
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