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PFA Coated and Solid PFA Thermowells


PFA Coated and Solid PFA Thermowells | PFA  THERMOWELLS

PFA Coated and Solid PFA Thermowells


PFA Coated Thermowells
Pricing for PFA-coated wells is based on the overall length of the thermowell; the overall length is equal to the insertion length plus hex or socket length plus lag length. The total price is the price of the base thermowell plus the price of the coating

Solid PFA Thermowells
OMEGA™ PFA thermowells are designed for static fluid, low pressure applications. The ability of PFA to tolerate harsh chemical environments makes these wells ideal for certain uses in corrosive industrial applications. This includes measuring temperature in acid solutions or other caustic compounds where the temperature is under 204°C (400°F), under static fluid and atmospheric pressure. These wells accept 1/4" (260 bore) and 3/8" (385 bore) diameter probes.

Applications: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Acids and Caustics, Electroplating, Corrosives
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Price is coating price plus thermowell price. Coating NOT offered on flanged thermowells or thermowells over 1220 mm (48") length.
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