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 - Discontinued PC Mountable Silicon Pressure Sensors

PXCPC Series

PC Mountable Silicon Pressure Sensors | PXCPC Series

PC Mountable Silicon Pressure Sensors

  • Ranges from 4 inH2O to 150 psi
  • Gauge, Absolute or Differential Pressure Versions Available
  • Temperature Compensated for Low Thermal Drift
  • Low Cost, Small Size, PC Board Mountable
  • Micromachined Silicon Technology
  • High Impedance, Low Current Draw
  • PC Mountable SIP 4-Pin Package
  • For Use with Clean Dry Gases
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The PXCPC series has been discontinued. Please see the PX26 series as a possible alternative or contact our Technical Sales department.

The PXCPC Series pressure sensors come standard with tube pressure ports and use stateof- the-art micromachined silicon technology to deliver accurate, stable pressure measurement in a miniature package. On sensors of 5 psi and above the high side of the silicon is protected by a silicone gel coating. The sensors are designed for use with non-corrosive non-ionic gases. Many industrial and research gases fall into this category.

@ 12 Vdc, 25°C (77°F)
Excitation: 12 Vdc typical (3 Vdc minimum to 16 Vdc maximum)
Output mV (@ 12 Vdc) Range:
    4 inH2O: 25 ±2 mV
    10 inH2O: 20 ±1 mV
    1 psi: 18 ±1 mV
    5 psi: 60 ±1 mV
    15 to 60 psi: 90 ±5 mV
    100 psi: 100 ±5 mV
    150 psi: 90 ±5 mV
Linearity, Hysteresis Error: 0.25% typical 1% maximum
Operating Temperature: -25 to 85°C (-13 to 185°F)
Compensated Temperature: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Thermal Effects
    Zero Shift: ±1.0 mV
    Span Shift: ±2.0% span
Input Impedance: 5 kΩ
Output Impedance: 3 kΩ
Over Pressure (Maximum)
    Absolute: The lesser of 3 x full scale or 250 psi
      = 1 psi Range: 3 psi maximum
      >1 psi: The lesser of 3 x full scale of 250 psi
Common Mode Pressure: 50 psi maximum
Response Time: 1 ms
Weight: 2 g (0.06 oz)
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