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Solenoid Valves, 2-Way Steam

SV230 Series

2-Way Steam Solenoid Valves Direct Lift | SV230 Series

2-Way Steam Solenoid Valves Direct Lift

£183.00 SV234

  • Rated up to 145ºC (293ºF) Steam
  • Rugged NEMA 4 (IP65) Housing
  • Mounts in Any Position
  • Rated for Continuous Duty
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Follow this link if you want to know how a solenoid valve works.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Heating and Cooling, Commercial Dish Washing Equipment, Car Washing Equipment, Food Processing, Commercial Laundry Equipment, Bottle Washing, Sterilizing Equipment

The SV230 Series valves are designed for low-pressure steam applications in which the valve must operate when the pressure drop across the valve falls into the 0 to 5 psi range. These valves are able to control steam up to 45 psi at 143ºC (290ºF). All seals are made of ethylene propylene for compatibility with steam over a wide temperature range and for trouble-free, bubble-tight service.

The SV231 through SV235 are direct-lift valves, which combine the features of a direct-acting valve with those of a pilotoperated valve. Because of a flexible link between the solenoid plunger and the diaphragm, the direct-lift valve functions as a direct-acting valve at low pressures and as a pilot-operated valve at high pressures. It is sometimes referred to as a zero delta pressure valve or a hung diaphragm valve.

Operation: Direct lift
Wetted Parts: Brass, Stainless steel, copper, and seal
Medium: Liquid or gases
Max Static Pressure: 1.5 times max psid, vacuum (>5 microns ABS)
Ambient Temp: -9 to 50°C (15 to 122°F)
Mounting: Pipe mounting, any direction
Power: 22 W, 120 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz, Class H
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Part Number/ Desc.
SV231 Star
Availability: 1 week
RoHS compliant
1/4 NPT Fitting
SV232 Star
Availability: 1 week
RoHS compliant
3/8 NPT Fitting
SV233 Star
Availability: 9 weeks
RoHS compliant
1/2 NPT Fitting
SV234 Star
Availability: 1 week
RoHS compliant
3/4 NPT Fitting
SV235 Star
Consult Sales  
RoHS compliant
1 NPT Fitting
CM-4333 Star
Consult Sales  
RoHS compliancy undetermined
Reference Book: Plantwide Process Control
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