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 - Discontinued 1/4 DIN 6-Zone Temperature Controllers with RS-232 Communications and Free Configuration Software

CN616 Series

6-Zone Temperature Controllers | CN616 Series

6-Zone Temperature Controllers

  • Six-Loop PID Controller
  • Autotune or Manual Tuning
  • Heat or Cool Control
  • 20 Segments Ramp/Soak Profile Per Zone
  • Password Protected
  • User Programmable
  • RS-232 Digital Communications Standard
  • Front Panel Calibration
  • Hi, Lo or Hi/Lo Alarm, Latching or Non-Latching
  • Programmable Thermocouple Type J, K, T, R, S, E, B, or C
  • 1/4 DIN Aluminum Case
  • UL Listed (US & Canada)
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The CN616 series has been discontinued. Please see the CN616A series as a possible alternative or contact our Sales department.

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The CN616 Series is a highly versatile six-loop microprocessor-based controller designed for easy front panel or remote setup and operation. Each of six zones is sequentially scanned, and active zones are displayed. Individual zones can be locked for monitoring. Each instrument is programmable to meet operator needs for: Thermocouple Type, Temperature units; Hi, Lo or Hi/Lo Alarm configured as Latching or Non-Latching; and Autotune with Manual Trim or Manual PID Setting. The Zone Display Scan Time and Ramp/Soak can be set by the operator. Parameters and setpoints are retained when power is turned off. Password protection is provided to prevent accidental changes to calibration, PID setting and ramp/soak profile. If power loss occurs, the controller retains all the latest parameters and returns to “Run” mode.

All CN616 Controllers have RS-232 three-wire serial communications. The CN616-SOFT communications software is now included with every CN616 series at no additional charge. The RS-232 program is capable of monitoring up to ten daisy-chained units.

Line Voltage is 120 Vac (110 vAC to 130 Vac) or 240 Vac (220 Vac to 260 Vac) selectable by external jumper assembly. Connections are made to the back of the instrument through easy-to-use screw terminal plugs.

The CN616 Series implements a security password to protect settings. The password can be enabled or disabled on the front panel and changed via RS-232. Calibration is performed on the front panel and is separately password protected. Higher level passwords are available.

The instrument is housed in a 1/4 DIN aluminum box which does not have to be removed for mounting. The unit mounts in a 1/4 DIN panel cutout and is secured by slide brackets. Control is done via 6 dc pulse outputs (one for each zone).

A single output relay is provided to indicate an alarm condition on any zone. The instrument shows an alarm condition by flashing the main temperature display while indicating the zone in alarm with a flashing zone number display. When set for Non-Latching, the alarm automatically resets when the condition changes. The alarm must be manually reset in the Latching setting.

The controller functions in two modes: “RUN” is the basic operating mode. “FUNCTION SELECT” is the password protected settings selection and control mode.

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6-zone thermocouple input controller
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6-zone thermocouple input controller with extended range
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1/4 DIN Panel Punch
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Note: OMEGACARESM extended warranty program is available for models shown on this page. Ask your sales representative for full details when placing an order. The CN616-SOFT is now included with every CN616 series at no additional charge.
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