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Cryogenic Temperature Silicon Diode Sensors

CY7 Series

Cryogenic temperature sensor | CY7 Series

Cryogenic temperature sensor

  • 10 to 475 °K temperature range
  • Tolerance of ±1.5 °K or 1.5% of temperature
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Model CY7-SD7 Cryogenic Temperature Sensor

For applications where temperature measurements below 10K are not required. The upper operating temperature is limited to 475K for the CY7-SD7. The package configuration of the CY7-SD7 is identical to the obsolete CY7-SD, so the installation and operation of the sensor follow the same procedure.

The CY7-SD7 follows Standard Curve #10 (on pdf data sheet) to a tolerance of ±1.5K or 1.5% of temperature, whichever is greater. Due to possible irregularities and non-monotonic behavior below 10K, extrapolations or interpolations outside of the operating temperature range should not be attempted
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Cryogenic sensor for 10 to 475 K temperature range. Curve 10 (see pdf)
Availability: 6 weeks
5 pieces of Indium foil, high thermal conductivity, highly malleable, used as a mechanical alternative to CYAG grease to mount a sensor. 0.13 mm thick x 50 mm square
Availability: 10 weeks
General purpose thermal grease, used between sensor and surface (25 g tube)
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Low temperature epoxy for mounting sensors. 1 kg tin with separate catalyst
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