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Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors


Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors | JP-(*)-F

Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors

£4.80 JP-K-F

  • Easy Installation. Hardware Included
  • Color Coded
  • Flexibility
  • Decorative—Enhances Any Instrument
  • Takes Solid or Stranded Wire up to 14 AWG
  • Panel Cutout Size: 16.1x 30.4 mm (.64x1.20 in)
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OMEGA’s panel jacks contain two female, collet-type, spring-loaded connectors that will accept any standard male thermocouple connector. The panel jacks are molded of high-impact, glass-filled nylon and are numbered and labeled as well as color-coded.
RJACL Mounting plate used with type JP decorator styled, colorcoded panel jacks adapts them for mounting as single-circuit jack in control panel or instrument case. Simplifies mounting, and holds the connector in place tightly. Covers 33.3 mm (1.31") diameter knock-out hole. All adaptor plates are made of 0.76 mm (0.030") nickel-plated steel. Price includes all screws and mounting hardware.
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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: In Stock
Female panel jack with type K calibration
Availability: 7 weeks
Female panel jack with type T calibration
Availability: 7 weeks
Female panel jack with type J calibration
Availability: 1 week
Female panel jack with type E calibration
Availability: 1 week
Female panel jack with type R/S calibration
Availability: 6 weeks
Female panel jack with type G calibration
Consult Sales  
Female panel jack with type C calibration
Availability: 5 weeks
Female panel jack with type D calibration
Availability: 7 weeks
Female panel jack, Uncompensated, for RTDs, thermisters or type B thermocouples
Availability: 1 week
Dust caps, pkg of 12. Other pkg sizes available
Availability: In Stock
ID labels numbered 1 through 12. Other number series available.
Availability: 5 weeks
Extra mounting clips, pkg of 5. Other package sizes available.
Availability: 1 week
Optional mounting plate allows mounting in 46.0 mm (1.81 in) dia panel hole
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Comes complete with rugged securing clips and metal mounting hardware.
K, T, J, E, R, S and B are ANSI designations.
Note: Type U (uncompensated) connectors are used with Type B thermocouples (Platinum/6% Rhodium-Platinum/30% Rhodium).
Ordering Example: (1) JP-T-F Female panel jack with type T calibration, £4.80

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-T for Type T Calibration
-J for Type J Calibration
-E for Type E Calibration
-R/S for Type R/S Calibration
-G for Type G Calibration
-C for Type C Calibration
-D for Type D Calibration
-U for Type U Calibration

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