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Self Adhesive Silicone Patch RTD Surface Sensors

SA2 Series

Self Adhesive RTD Surface Sensors | SA2 Series

Self Adhesive RTD Surface Sensors

  • Surface RTD sensor with Temperature Range from -30 to +150ºC
  • Class A, 100 Ohm, Platinum Element as Standard
  • 500 and 1000 Ohm, Platinum Elements Available
  • Self-Adhesive Foil Backing for Easy Mounting & Fast Response
  • Available for Flat or Curved Surfaces
  • Stripped Leads Standard, Connector Options Available
  • PFA Insulated Cables Are Colour Coded Per IEC751/ASTM-E-1137
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These Platinum Resistance Temperture Sensors (PRT's) are available in 2 different mounting styles for flat or curved surfaces. The integral RTD sensor is bonded onto the inner surface of the self adhesive aluminium foil strip, which is provided for faster response times.

Patch Dimensions:
    SA2C: 15 x 50 mm
    SA2F: 35 x 12 mm
    Wire: 7 x 0.16mm stranded RTD lead wire, 1 m, 2 m and 3 m lengths standard; custom lengths available
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Part Number/ Desc.
Patch Sensors For Curved Surfaces
Availability: 2 weeks
100 Ohm, Class “A” DIN Platinum sensor for curved surfaces, 4 wire, 2 metres lead wire
Patch Sensors For Flat Surfaces
Availability: 11 weeks
100 Ohm, Class “A” DIN Platinum sensor for Flat surfaces, 4 wire, 10 metre lead wire
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