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Miniature Temperature Transmitter for Hygienic RTD Probes and Sensors

SPRTX-SS M12 Transmitter

Miniature Temperature Transmitter for Hygienic RTD Probes and Sensors | SPRTX-SS M12 Transmitter

  • Attaches Directly to Most 3- or 4-Wire, Pt100, Hygienic Probes and Sensors with M12 Style Connector
  • True 2-Wire Transmitter Operation, Loop Powered 4 to 20 mA Output
  • Encapsulated Signal Conditioner with Water Tight Connector Housing
  • High Performance, Repeatability, and Stability
  • Factory Calibrated— No Field Adjustments Required
  • Provides "Open Sensor Wire" Signal Indication and Compensates for Long Lead Wires
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This product is no longer available in this region, please consider the M12TX-PT100 Series as a possible replacement.

Loop Powered! The OMEGA™ 2-wire SPRTX-SS Series temperature transmitters are high-performance, low-cost, industrial transmitters designed for direct connection to most CIP (clean-in-place) hygienic Pt100 probes and sensors that incorporate a M12 style connection. All models feature an encapsulated micro miniature signal conditioner built into a sealed connector housing. The signal conditioner converts the resistive change of a 100 Ω, 0.00385 RTD probe or sensor into an industry-standard 2-wire, 4 to 20 mA analogue output across a dedicated temperature range.

Supply Voltage: 9 to 24 Vdc @ 30 mA max
Max Load: Rmax (Ω) = (Vsupply - 9V)/0.02 A
Max Input Lead Resistance: 50V
Output: Linearized 4 to 20 mA
Accuracy: ±0.5% of FS @ 23°C ambient
Repeatability: ±0.25°C
Temperature Effect: ±0.00022 mA/°C
    SPRTX-SS1: -99 to 208°C
    SPRTX-SS2: 2 to 569°C
Input: 3-wire, Pt100 (α = 0.00385), 4-wire compatible
Probe/Sensor Input Connection (SPRTX-SS1-M12, SPRTX-SS2-M12): M12, 4-pin female, (connects to RTD probes having a 12M, 4-pin male connection)
Transmitter Operating Temp: -40 to 85°C
Output Connection: 2-wire, shielded, polyurethane cable [4 m included]
Approvals: CE marked
Dimensions: 76 L x 20 mm D without cable
Weight: 110 g max with cable

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Availability: 8 weeks
2-conductor shielded extension cable, 30 m (100')
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24V 0.75A regulated dc Power supply. 90-260 Vac 1.8 m lead with stripped ends. With International plugs
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Note: The SPRTX-SS Series has not been designed for use in medical or nuclear applications, nor flammable or explosive environments.
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