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High Temperature, Low Drift, Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable


High Temperature Mineral Insulated Cable | XL-[*]-MO

High Temperature Mineral Insulated Cable

£5.41 XL-K-MO-125

  • Excellent Long Term Stability at High Temperatures
  • Continuous use up to 1150°C
  • Excellent Oxidation, Carburization and Chlorination Resistance
  • High Purity MgO (HP) Available
  • Low Drift Stable Output Performance
  • Class 1 or Class 2 IEC Tolerance Available
  • Available in Thermocouple Types K or N
  • Available from STOCK! Cut to Length or Long Continuous Lengths
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Super OmegaClad XL Thermal Drift Super OMEGACLAD™ XL sheathed mineral-insulated thermocouple wire can be used at high temperatures for prolonged periods with very little drift of the base metal thermocouple. The sheath material uses Nickel-Chrome based Super OMEGACLAD™ XL sheathing, which provides excellent oxidation resistance. The sheath can withstand long-term exposure to combustion gases or air at temperatures up to1150°C. Short-term exposures to higher temperatures are also possible. Superior resistance to oxidation attack results from a tenacious and protective high temperature film that does not affect the stability of the thermocouple alloys. This film permits the sensor to be used at high temperatures for prolonged periods with improved accuracy over other available sheath materials. Super OMEGACLAD™ sheathing also provides excellent resistance to corrosion in high temperature chlorine-contaminated oxidizing environments and ammonia/nitride-rich environments at temperatures above 980°C, the temperature at which the protective film forms.

Model No.
[*] Insert Wire
Resistance at
15.5°C Ohms/Dbl. foot
XL-[*]-MO-010 Type K or
Type N
Omegaclad XL 0.010 0.0015 72 0.002
XL-[*]-MO-020 0.0200.003380.004
XL-[*]-MO-040 0.0400.007150.006
XL-[*]-MO-0620.062 0.01060.01
XL-[*]-MO-250 0.2500.0360.370.04
XL-[*]-MO-3130.313 0.0400.350.05
Model No.
[*] Insert Wire
Resistance at
15.5°COhms/Dbl. metre
XL-[*]-MO-0.25MM Type K or
Type N
Omegaclad XL 0.25 0.038 236 0.045
XL-[*]-MO-0.5MM0.50.076 1250.089
XL-[*]-MO-.75MM0.750.113 790.134
XL-[*]-MO-1.0MM10.152 490.178
XL-[*]-MO-1.5MM1.50.254 200.254
XL-[*]-MO-2.0MM20.305 120.356
XL-[*]-MO-3.0MM30.457 4.90.559
XL-[*]-MO-4.5MM4.50.66 1.90.787
XL-[*]-MO-6.0MM60.94 1.21.016
XL-[*]-MO-8.0MM81.016 1.11.27

Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
Availability: 4 weeks
3.0mm dia. type K MI cable. Class 2. (price per metre)
Availability: 3 weeks
6.0mm dia. type K MI cable. Class 2. (price per metre)
Availability: 4 weeks
6.0mm dia. type N MI cable. Class 2. (price per metre)
The price shown is the cost per foot (imperial diameters) or metre (metric diameters). Enter the desired length (in feet or in metres) in the 'Quantity' box.
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: • For IEC Class 1 Tolerance (Special Limits of Error), add suffix "-SLE" to Part Number; add 20% to price.
• For High Purity MgO, add suffix "-HP" to Part Number;

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Cable Type select from:
K for type K
N for type N

(2) Sheath Diameter select from:
010 for 010 in.
020 for 020 in.
032 for 032 in.
040 for 040 in.
062 for 062 in.
125 for 125 in.
188 for 188 in.
250 for 250 in.
313 for 313 in.
0.25MM for 0.25 mm
0.5MM for 0.5 mm
0.75MM for 0.75 mm
1.0MM for 1.0 mm
1.5MM for 1.5 mm
2.0MM for 2.0 mm
3.0MM for 3.0 mm
4.5MM for 4.5 mm
6.0MM for 6.0 mm
8.0MM for 8.0 mm
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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