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Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL™ Temperature Labels
TL-3 Range Series


Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL™ Temperature Labels TL-3 Range Series | TL-3

  • Adhesive Backs for Easy Mounting
  • Indicator Turns Black When Exposed
  • 26 x 18 mm
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Find how Temperature stickers work on this link.

• General • Aeronautical • Electrical • HVAC •All applications where size is not a conditioning factor

Pricing for several popular models is shown in the ordering table below.
Use the Part Number Builder to obtain pricing for other models.
For complete product specifications see the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Consult Sales  
49-60°C temperature label, pack of 30
Consult Sales  
166-177°C temperature label, pack of 30
Consult Sales  
199-210°C temperature label, pack of 10
Consult Sales  
199-210°C temperature label, pack of 30
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Note: Insert -10” for package of 10 or “-30” for package of 30.

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Temperature Range select from:
105 for 40/43/46°C
120 for 49/54/60°C
150 for 66/71/77°C
180 for 82/88/93°C
210 for 99/104/110°C
240 for 116/121/127°C
270 for 132/138/143°C
300 for 149/154/160°C
330 for 166/171/177°C
360 for 182/188/193°C
390 for 199/204/210°C
420 for 216/224/232°C
465 for 241/249/254°C

(2) Package Quantity select from:
-10 for Package of 10
-30 for Package of 30
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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