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TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration

TRP Probes

TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration | TRP Probes

£109.84 TRP-K

  • Made with Special Limits of Error Material
  • All Standard Calibrations Available
  • Comes Complete with Mating Connectors
  • Can Be Ordered with 12", 24" or 36" Leads
  • 304 Stainless Steel Sheath Material


Accurate thermocouple temperature measurement requires a stable reference junction. It is common practice to create a transition reference junction by attaching a copper lead wire to each thermocouple leg. When the transition reference junction is held at the ice point 0°C (32°F) the output of the thermocouple appearing across the copper leads attached to the readout instrument is stable and predictable. For accuracy and convenience, OMEGA offers its series TRP REFERENCE PROBE which locates the thermocouple-copper transition reference junction at the end of an 1 /8 " diameter sheath for easy insertion into the TRCIII-A ice point calibration chamber. Up to six series TRP Probes can be used at one time in OMEGA’s Ice Point Chamber. Use the temperature-millivolt tables to convert readings into °C or °F when using a voltmeter with the TRCIII-A Ice Point reference cell shown below.
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Part Number/ Desc.
Availability: 2 weeks
Availability: 2 weeks
Copper-Constantan, Type T
Availability: 2 weeks
CHROMEGA™-Constantan, Type E
Availability: 2 weeks
Iron-Constantan, Type J
Availability: 2 weeks
Platinum 10% Rh - Platinum
Availability: 5 weeks
Platinum 13% Rh - Platinum
Availability: 2 weeks
Platinum 30% Rh - Pt 6% Rh
Availability: 2 weeks
W 5% Re - W 26% Re
Availability: 5 weeks
W - W 26% Re
Availability: 2 weeks
W 3% Re - W 25% Re
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD
Ordering Example: (1) TRP-J Type J, 12, £109.84

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Thermocouple Type select from:
-J for Iron/Constantan J Thermocouple
-K for CHROMEGA™/ALOMEGA™ K Thermocouple
-N for OMEGA-P™/OMEGA-N™ N Thermocouple
-T for Copper/Constantan T Thermocouple
-E for CHROMEGA™/Constantan E Thermocouple
-R for Platinum 13% Rh/Platinum R Thermocouple
-S for Platinum 10% Rh/Platinum S Thermocouple
-B for Platinum 30% Rh/Pt 6% Rh B Thermocouple
-C for W 5% Re/W 26% R C Thermocouple
-D for W 3% Re/W 25% Re D Thermocouple

(2) Lead Length select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for Standard lead (12in for K-N-T-E-J/6in for S-R-B-C -D)
CUSTOM for custom length in inches(whole number only up to 600 inches max for J/K/N/T/E or up to 120 inches max for S/R/B/C/D). ***Add a dash "-" before the number***
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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