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Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches


Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches | TSW-TT

Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches

£26.50 TSW-TT-F3A-40R/WL

  • Low Voltage/Low Current Applications
  • 1/4 NPT Mounting Threads
  • Factory Preset Temperature
  • Direct Action Contacts/Minimum Hysteresis
  • Gold Diffused, Fine Silver Contacts
  • Economical and Compact
  • NEMA 4, 13
  • Compact and Economical
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OMEGA’s TSW-TT Series bi-metal immersion temperature switches are perfect for applications that require an economical solution to simple temperature control. All switches activate with a rise in temperature. The TSW-TT Series offer a wide range of temperature pre-set values to select from.

Set Point Range: 4 to 149°C (40 to 300°F)
Set Point Tolerance: ±2.8°C (5°F)
Maximum Temperature: 163°C (325°F)
Current Rating: 3 A @ 240 Vac, 2 A @ 24 Vdc (resistive)
Probe Length: 25.4 mm (1")
Media Connection: ¼ NPT male
Electrical Connection: 152.4 mm (6") wire leads
Circuit Form: SPST-NO or SPST-NC
Maximum External Pressure: 5000 psi
Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/ Desc.
Normally Open
Quick Ship
Availability: 2 weeks
Normally open contacts, 4°C (40°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 6 weeks
Normally open contacts, 32°C (90°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 7 weeks
Normally open contacts, 54°C (130°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Normally open contacts, 60°C (140°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 6 weeks
Normally open contacts, 65°C (150°F)
Normally Closed
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Normally closed contacts, 43°C (110°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 7 weeks
Normally closed contacts, 60°C (140°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 3 weeks
Normally closed contacts, 65°C (150°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Normally closed contacts, 88°C (190°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Normally closed contacts, 93°C (200°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 6 weeks
Normally closed contacts, 99°C (210°F)
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Normally closed contacts, 115°C (240°F)
All amounts shown in EUR, GBP, or USD

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Open/Close Contacts select from:
A for Normally Open Contacts
B for Normally Closed Contacts

(2) Temperature select from:
40 for 4°C (40°F)
50 for 10°C (50°F)
60 for 15°C (60°F)
70 for 21°C (70°F)
80 for 27°C (80°F)
90 for 32°C (90°F)
100 for 38°C (100°F)
110 for 43°C (110°F)
120 for 49°C (120°F)
130 for 54°C (130°F)
140 for 60°C (140°F)
150 for 65°C (150°F)
160 for 71°C (160°F)
170 for 77°C (170°F)
180 for 82°C (180°F)
190 for 88°C (190°F)
200 for 93°C (200°F)
210 for 99°C (210°F)
220 for 104°C (220°F)
230 for 110°C (230°F)
240 for 115°C (240°F)
250 for 121°C (250°F)
260 for 127°C (260°F)
270 for 132°C (270°F)
280 for 138°C (280°F)
290 for 143°C (290°F)
300 for 149°C (300°F)
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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